[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #212 : Sujata Mehta Ma’am Board, Medical Science Optional, weight training, meditation, sprinting Hobbies

Date of interview: 17 September 2021
Board: Sujata mehta mam
Optional: medical science
Hobbies: weight training, meditation, sprinting


  1. Tell us something about your academic and work experience?
  2. Do you think lack of security is the most important factor of increasing violence against doctors?
  3. how will you promote communication skills in medical curriculum?
  4. Do you think emotional component comes in between while treatment?
  5. How do you see NMC?
  6. why need of experts from other fields in NMC while we have bodies like bar council that is run only by lawyers?
  7. Do you think we need experts from other field for civil service boards too?

Member 1

  1. what you mean by medical ethics? Do they hold significance for you?
  2. what knowledge you have acquired from the medical field that will help in civil services?
  3. challenges of holding a post of mess secretary? (daf based)
  4. what is liquidity? How will you increase liquidity in system?

Member 2

  1. should parameters for human rights change for democratic, communist, and Islamic countries?
  2. WHO had failed as a body? What you feel?
  3. International Bodies like who, Imf are gravitated more towards western nations? Do you also feel the same?

Member 3

  1. we have obesity in urban areas and on other hand we have infamous tag of largest population facing hunger? Explain.
  2. Smiled and said – I hope you have prepared for this answer. Why civil services after such a prestigious job?
  3. why not NGOs or Post like CMS .They are also good way of delivering ?
  4. China is agressive at borders with india and even interferes in domestic issues . Why India is silent.Should india use tibet ,uighurs issue against china?

Member 4

  1. do you agree redistribution work done by Robinhood army can’t be sustained too long?
  2. challenges of IBC?
  3. We want to develop ports but instead of that, we are spending huge sums of money in facilitating Olympic medal winners? How do you see it?
  4. Should government servants who won Olympic medals also be given same rewards?


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