[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #214 : Manoj Soni Sir Board, Anthropology Optional

Date of interview: 16 September 2021
Board: Manoj Soni Sir
Optional: Anthropology


  1. Why Civil Services?
  2. Why Did you leave your Job?
  3. Enumerate Major Terrorist attacks in last 10 yrs?
  4. What was India’s response to Pulwama attack?
  5. Why Balakot was chosen?
  6. Which technology was used to identify location of Balakot?
  7. Did we flout any International convention by attacking Pakistan?

Member 1:

  1. Why is Anthropology optional?
  2. How Human evolves?
  3. Why is our brain size reducing?
  4. What are socio-cultural implications of Human Evolution?
  5. Why crimes against women?
  6. What is Patriarchy?

Member 2:

  1. What was your Patent?
  2. What are the different forms of patent?
  3. What is the working principle of Electronic Voting Machine?
  4. How to hack working machine?
  5. What are the safeguards to Indian EVM?

Member 3

  1. Why Paper Ballot is considered Gold Standard for election? Then why are we using EVM?
  2. What are the Electric Vehicle projects that your organization is working on? Tell us interesting emerging technologies in the field of IC engines and Electric Vehicles?

Member 4

  1. How to use Robotics in cleaning Garbage?
  2. Can we clean Space Debris using Robotics?
  3. Which countries are working on it?
  4. What are important stages of Disaster?
  5. Which one is the most important step in Disaster Management, according to you?
  6. How would you resolve the grievances of Citizens?
  7. What is the Significance of Aga Khan Palace?


  1. It was nice interacting with you.
  2. We wish you all the best.
  3. Thank You to your entire Team

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