[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #217 : Manoj soni sir Board, Commerce and accountancy Optional

Date of interview: 17  September 2021
Board:  Manoj Soni sir
Background: B.com, M.com,
Optional: commerce and accountancy


  1. Beautiful saree, what material is it.
  2. what did you learn in your internship.
  3. what made you apply for the internship, was it compulsory part of your master’s program?
  4. what was the eligibility criteria?
  5. college rank in nirf.
  6. top 3 colleges.
  7. why need nirf, when we have other rankings.

Member 1

  1. winters, what special needs to be done for stray dogs.
  2. rbi kehta he campaign.
  3. we talk of averages, which removes our focus from the best, why?
  4. any country without resources but doing very well?
  5. any landlocked country?

Member  2

  1. 3 problems of your area and how would you solve them?
  2. (Not able to recall other questions)

Member 3

  1. as a prospective student, convince me to apply to your college.
  2. no. Of foreign students in college.
  3. what measures taken for north eastern and foreign students to prevent any discrimination.

Member 4

  1. what is transfer pricing and how do companies misuse it?
  2. any recent international taxation issue?
  3. how it affects FDI in country
  4. what are governments arguments to levy capital gain tax on international transactions not involving India.
  5. why companies leaving china not coming to India?


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