[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #218 : Smita Nagraj ma’am Board, Jharkhand Home state

Date of interview: 15  September 2021
Board:  Smita Nagraj ma’am
Background: Computer Science,
Home state: Jharkhand


  1.  Why leave Goldman Sachs? Did you feel you couldn’t succeed in corporate world?
  2.  Will a person successful in private sector necessarily be successful in civil services? What qualities lead to success in the two fields?
  3.  How to measure civil servant’s performance? (I mentioned people’s feedback along with CAPAR)
  4.  Isn’t populism for politicians?
  5.  Why companies engage with students on IIT campuses? (DAF mentioned a few events organised by corporates)
  6.  Aren’t Indian companies active on campus? Did you not participate in their events?
  7.  How many of your batchmates are currently in core computer science sector? How many in Indian companies?

Member 1

  1.  Oxfam report says $11T unpaid caregiving work by women globally, does that number sound right to you? Reasons for such large number? (Oxfam mentioned in my DAF)
  2.  How to fix?
  3.  How to fix the societal side attitudinal change etc?
  4.  Bitcoin: is it possible to enforce a complete ban?

Member 2

  1.  What should be our goal in next 50 years? (mentioned private sector while discussing goals for innovation)
  2.  Why leave private sector then, you could make more impact there?
  3.  Why Jharkhand not growing post bifurcation?
  4.  You were born in Jharkhand, schooled in Jharkhand, how were you awarded Bihar Gaurav? (native place and domicile)

Member 3

  1.  Which is the annual award in mountaineering by GoI? (Tenzing Norgay adventure award) Why is it awarded on a specific date annually?
  2.  Despite rich coal, mica reserves, Hazaribag didn’t develop industries? (he answered connectivity himself)
  3.  How would you develop industries as Hazaribag DC? Give me specific steps.
  4.  In Hazaribag, girls used to go to Mount Carmel, boys go to St Xaviers, and there’s St Columbus college all Catholic institutions setup preindependence. Why growth of education institutions slowed after independence? (I politely pointed out multiple institutes developed after independence, but he didn’t seem convinced; seemed to be looking for a specific reason)
  5.  What steps would you take as Hazaribag DC to promote primary education?

Member 4

  1.  With more people using internet, cybersecurity has emerged as a concern. How to tackle the challenges?
  2.  How to use computer science in healthcare?
  3.  How to use computer science in diagnostics?
  4.  MRI scan frequently recommended to Covid19 patients. What are its negatives?
  5.  What is CADD? (it was Computer Aided Drug Design)

Chairperson again:

 You lived in Jharkhand most of your life. Why do you have Bihar domicile?

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