[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #22 : Sujata Mehta Board, Kannada literature Optional, Karnataka Home State, Hatha yoga, Calisthenics Hobbies

Date of Interview: 20/08/21
Board: Sujata Mehta madam
Graduation: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bangalore
Optional: Kannada literature
Work exp: Indian Navy officer
Home State: Karnataka
Hobbies: Practicing Hatha yoga, Calisthenics, watching Kannada dramas
Other DAF tags-Boat pulling competition gold medal in Navy, placement coordinator in College, Best outgoing student


1. Introduce yourself highlighting education qualification and work experience
2. Why do u think govt is hell bent on not giving compensation to cadets injured in armed forces? (from DAF) and some follow up questions..
3. Bangalore being a global city still suffers from traffic problems..why?(from DAF)
4. Bangalore is known for IT but social entrepreneurship is also on the rise..what’s ur take on that?

Member 1

1.Tell me the famous food item from Davanagere and Belgaum(from DAF)
2.If u want to bring Benne dosa under GI tag.Who has to apply for that??(from DAf)
3.Where do u watch drama in Bangalore?(from DAF)
4.Founder of Ranga Shankara auditorium?
5.What is the recent play that u have watched?(from DAF)
6.Which group performed Nagamandala drama?What is the essence of that drama?
7.Which is the other drama u have watched?
8.Which group performed Tughlaq drama?who performed the role of Aziz? What is the importance of that drama?(from DAF)
Appreciated well said for answers..

Member 2

1.How do you use electrical engineering knowledge in administration (tell specific example)
2.Tell me about the need for New Education Policy..
3.If you are an Education secretary..tell me how do u implement the philosophy of NEP?
4.Which is the highest ranked IIT?
5 Which is the highest ranked NIT?
6.Most populated state?what is the population of that state?
7.What is your opinion about privatisation of PSU’s?
8.What is strategic sector?
9.If there is influx of migrants in your district, as a DM how do u manage it? some follow up questions..

Member 3

1.So u were a naval officer..tell me what did u learn from Navy?
2.Tell me 5-6 officer like qualities which are indispensable
3.What is the issue behind Hongkong protest?what is ur opinion about China’s role in that?
4.Why do you think Russia is against other countries access to Arctic ocean?
5.Some long question about Antarctic Treaty..
6.Do you know which Union Territories have administrators and which have Lt governors?

Member 4

1.Davanagere was famous for Cotton Textiles..why is it declining now?
2.If you are a DM..what measures will you take to revive Cotton industry?


Do you feel we have left any more questions to be asked?
I said, Madam I feel the respected board would have assessed my personality by now,but if you insist I see the board has not asked about my other hobbies..
Chairperson said it’s ok, other member has probed you on one hobby, we are fine…
Your interview is over and you can leave..
Thanked them and wished good day to all and left
Board was very cordial..I felt interview went on the lines of my DAF and some factual questions here and there…

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