[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #220 : Sujata Mehta Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Geography Optional, Travelling, Reading Hobbies

Date of Interview: 17th sept
Board: Sujata Mehta ma’am
Optional: Geography
Background: Civil Engg
HomeState: Uttar Pradesh
Hobbies: Travelling, reading novels, watching movies and web series


  1. Amethi is prominent constituency, what do u thing are extra challenges one has to face while posted in amethi?
  2. suppose u are posted in amethi, tell me the specific challenges and what steps will you take?
  3. what eill you do to spread awareness?
  4. what mediums will you use for spreading awareness?
  5. can election commission help in this situation (situation of businessman political nexus)?

Member 1

  1. your hobby is travelling, tell me how travelling enhance your personality other than increasing your knowledge? Then follow ups
  2. your optional is geography, tell me 2 economic development steps which you will take to develop a region, and don’t tell all that bookish things, tell me two ground level steps.

Member 2

  1. I can see your hobby is watching movies and also reading novels.. so tell me there is one famous author in india whose many novels have been transformed into movies.. can you recall his name?
  2. ok now tell me his novels which has been converted into movies.
  3. you belong to musafirkhana ( a place in amethi district) , can you recall a song contain the word musafir?
  4. ok, recite the song.
  5. you are from gautam buddha tech. University, dont worry i’ll not ask anything from gautam buddha, just tell me , govt had introduced ₹50 note a while ago, what monument has been inscribed on that note and ia it related to buddha? How?
  6. (He smiled and said ok thank you)

Member 3

  1. You were assosiated with an NGO. What is the name?
  2. ok, what was the NGO doing?
  3. what was your role in the NGO?
  4. do you think NGO are working good in india?
  5. then, have you heard that govt. is banning the license of several NGOs, why govt is doing so? Should govt regulate the licensing for NGOs?
  6. 3 follow ups
  7. what ground steps you will take to better the landfill sites.
  8. Tell me two steps that you will take.
  9. (I said waste segregation at source and waste to energy plant)
  10. how will you spread awareness for waste segregation? And isn’t there already a law for waste segregation?
  11. Ok, thank you.

Member 4

  1. you did civil engg?
  2. there is a lot of flood in UP, do you have any blueprint on how to deal with recurrent floods in UP?
  3. floods due to shifting of river, how will you deal with that?
  4. I told 2 points, then he said- thats all?? I said yes sir that is waht I’m able to recall currently.
  5. He said- Thank you.


  1. Ok, your interview is over, you can go now.
  2. Overall good experience, interview was 30 mins.
  3. One member was looking like he wants to stress me, both ma’am were very cordial.

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