[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #221 : Sujata Mehta Borad, PSIR Optional, Mountaineering Hobby

Date of Interview: 21 Sept, forenoon
Sujata Mehta ma’am
Background: economics, psychology, Eng literature,
Optional: PSIR
Hobby: Mountaineering


  1. Tell about your education and work exp if any?
  2. How college life was different in Chandigarh as compared to New Delhi?
  3. How did u find Cowin portal? Did u face any difficulty?
  4. What better model could we adopt?
  5. Asha workers worried about their privacy due to constant tracking? What is the way forward?
  6. Who do you think does more work, an Asha or a secy?

Member 1

  1. What are the security threats to India?
  2. What is India doing to counter China?
  3. What about cyber security?
  4. What is cert in?
  5. What about Naxalism?

Member 2

  1. Tell me any famous English authors?
  2. What did Robert frost do?
  3. How is gst doing?

Member 3

  1. What is the issue with adhar?
  2. Privacy breach?
  3. Loss of data, should govt apologize to people?
  4. What is GeM portal?
  5. Is it a good model?
  6. Can people from lower sphere be equally represented?

Member 4

  1. What places have u visited in Ladakh?
  2. What is the highest road in Ladakh?
  3. What is Gestalt Psychology?
  4. What is parapsychology?


  1. What subject would u like us to ask questions from?
  2. How can we deal with Taliban?
  3. Your interview is over. Best wishes.

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