[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #222 : RN Choubey Board, Andhra Pradesh Home State, Anthropology Optional

Date of Interview: 01-09-2021
Board: RN Choubey
Optional: Anthropology
Background: B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, VIT Vellore
Home State: Andhra Pradesh


  1. Introduce yourselves with an emphasis on educational and professional experience.
  2. Why did you work in software firm being from mechanical engg discipline. So, your mechanical knowledge didn’t help you in getting a job. Right ?
  3. One idea of Gandhiji with which you don’t agree.
  4. Gandhiji vs Bhagat Singh – whom do you support.

Member 1

  1. controversy in Lakshadweep and follow up questions.
  2. strategic importance of Andaman and nicobar islands
  3. name 2 islands in A&N which are recently announced as development hubs.
  4. tell us about sentinelese tribes.
  5. what is creamy layer concept, what is the limit , how agriculture income is measured to identify creamy layer.
  6. should we bring creamy layer concept for sc/sts ?

Member 2

  1. probs with India’s HEIs
  2. solutions for the same
  3. Is NAM relevant now
  4. IT industry in India

Member 3

  1. Criminal tribes/ Denotified tribes related laws and comparison between those laws
  2. Why DNTs were Denotified before a new law was enacted? What was the government’s logic behind this denotification?
  3. (Lowest point in the whole interview)

Member 4

  1. what’s happening in china- pak- india border
  2. how are we dealing with those 2 countries
  3. You were discussing about QUAD with other member. Why there is huge attention towards Indo-Pacific these days ?
  4. India is a developing country , can we invest so much money on defence neglecting development and welfare ?
  5. prioritise between cybersecurity, maritime security, land border security in terms of investing limited resources India has keeping in mind the vulnerabilities.
  6. using cricket’s growth story give suggestions to improve our medal tally in next olympics.

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