[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #226 : TCA Anant Board, Madhya Pradesh Home State,

Date of Interview: September 20th, 2021
Board: TCA Anant sir
Background: mechanical engineering
Home state: Madhya Pradesh
Job: in honda cars India Ltd, Jhabua, and Alirajpur.
IRPS probationer


  1. What are you doing currently?
  2. Why your service is not mentioned in DAF?
  3. Pls rationalize this choice of taking anthro as a subject despite mechanical background?

Member 1

  1. AI is a futuristic technology. Are we as a country ready to brace it? Pls tell me pros and cons of this tech? Why are there apprehensions?
  2. How can you apply it to your tribal hinterland?

Member 2

  1. Tell me one scheme that brought great change to jhabua?
  2. Are there any PVTGs in jhabua?
  3. What tribes reside there?
  4. What is the difference between TED and TED talks

Member 3

  1. Women in armed forces? Is it a good decision? What’s your take?
  2. Electric vehicles and govt policy. Where do we stand now?
  3. One more question that I can’t recall

Member 4

  1. Why is manufacturing sector not able to take off?
  2. What can we do?
  3. What are the challenges in India due to which Electric vehicles are still not popular?
  4. EV technology is unaffordable right now? Should we bring it for rich only and not for the poor?
  5. What alternatives do you suggest?
    Thank you.

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