[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #227 : R N Choubey Board, Jharkhand Home state

Board: Mr. R N Choubey
Home state: Jharkhand
Education: B. Tech mechanical engineering
Job: L&T hydrocarbon engineering


  1. 1.Please introduce yourself emphasizing on educational qualification and profession.
  2. 2.In agriculture ,next growth axis after Green revolution in order to improve yields.
  3. 3.Follow up about the answer given.
  4. 4.Situation based question-you have surrounded a naxal camp on receiving intelligence, made them aware about shootout if anyone tries moving, still some women move about. Will you shoot?
  5. 5.Follow up on the above question.

Member 1

  1. failures of govt in the handling of covid pandemic.
  2. Hobby related to short story reading hindi-authors and stories.
  3. what did u learn from it?
  4. Contemporary relevance of the said story.
  5. New problems of agriculture.

Member 2

  1. should we scrap history teaching in schools?
  2. How to induce interest in history?
  3. Motivation for civil services.
  4. Official language act and use /relevance.

Member 3

  1. In Hydrocarbon sector which dept did u work?
  2. What were your responsibilities?
  3. What is the future of hydrocarbon?
  4. Can we seek complete independence from hydrocarbon related business?
  5. If made an advisor to jharkhand CM, what suggestions will you give for improvement of jharkhands stunted growth?
  6. will forest produce based industries destroy the forests?
  7. SEZ and significance.
  8. How come Kerala public school in jharkhand? (My primary school was Kerala public school)

Member 4

  1. Is there a similar tribal cooperative (i had mentioned this in one of the above answers) example among US natives?
  2. Why IAS?
  3. How to convince people to accept GM crops?


  1. Would you like to add something?
  2. Thank you. Your interview is over.
  3. All board members were cordial.
  4. Thanks and all the best.

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