[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #235 : Sathyavathy ma’am Board, Anthropology Optional, Rajasthan Home State, travelling, football Hobbies

Date of Interview:16 -09-2021
Board:  Satyavathi ma’am board
Optional:  Anthropology
Background: Mech engg
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobbies: watching historical documentaries, travelling, football


  1.  Put face shield on lap, remove mask, put mask back on. Read out my DAF aloud
  2. So what have u been doing since you graduated in 2018?
  3. Are you product of kota coaching? How was ur experience?
  4. Would u like ur younger brother to join kota coaching institutes?
  5. Did u join upsc coaching? Why not? Why students join these coaching institute?
  6. Did u do iit coaching within school or apart from school? 
  7. Do you think with only school education one can’t clear JEE What is the problem?

Member 1

  1.  What historical documentaries have you watched?
  2. Name some Indian documentaries.
  3. Did u watch any on India’s Economic history?
  4. Asked questions on economic history of India. 
  5. Bombay Plan. 
  6. Watershed event in indian economic history? Why? What were benefits?
  7. Which PSU were liberalised? Was it a success?
  8. Issues faced by govt during land acquisition? Way forward?

Member 2

  1.  continued with documentaries. 
  2. Asked my why I like watching war documentaries.
  3. Talked about world war 2.
  4. Reasons. Consequences. 
  5. Role of UN in preventing wars.
  6. Why Indian soldiers killed on both sides in world war 2? 
  7. Asked azad hind fauj? Battle of kohima. Why japan invaded India? Why invaded from north east? 
  8. Did US join world war 2 from beginning? When it joined and why? Why japan attacked Pearl Harbour? What was US response?

Member 3

  1.  why rajasthan growing so much oilseeds in recent times? Why rajasthan becoming agragarian economy? Govt steps for the same.
  2. Why mech engg called evergreen branch? 
  3. What is mechatronics and relevance? (Follow up Q)
  4. Opinion about whatsapp University and godi media.

Member 4

  1.  talked about whatsapp issues and fake news etc (follow up question)
  2. Travelling hobby – difference between north and south india
  3. Why India has two football leagues. Name them.
  4. Which new state created after ww2 that could have caused world war 3? 
  5. When was Israel created? 
  6. Why it was named Israel?
  7. What is bani israel?


 Thank you for your interview is over.

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