[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #228 : Sujata Mehta Board, Anthropology Optional

Board: Sujata Mehta
Optional: Anthropology
Background: Dentist, IR


  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. When did you graduate?
  3. So you have not practiced Dentistry?
  4. What is mission Indradhanush?
  5. Compare it with the present covid vaccination?
  6. Should vaccines be free? Why?
  7. Now tell points why they shouldn’t be free?
  8. Can you take Vaccine whenever you want?? There is an 84 day gap right? ( I Said I was talking about 1st dose)
  9. Should Health Services in the country be free of cost?
  10. Which Services should be free acc to you? You think ambulance should be free? 2 others

Member 1

  1. Why is it difficult to make vaccines for virus and not for bacteria?
  2. Is anything related to the cell wall?
  3. Features of NEP that you liked?
  4. ( Subjects from different fields, credit bank, multiple exit and entry)
  5. It was there before also. Student could switch between fields. What’s new then?
  6. ( Few more questions)

Member 2

  1. Why only India Centric IR? Not interested in others?
  2. You said healthcare should be free, but people are having so many kids, why should an honest taxpayer pay for the extra kids?
  3. More follow up questions

Member 3

  1. Stages of Healing of tooth socket after tooth removal
  2. When is the bone formed?
  3. When did Agriculture begin in India?
  4. Stages of Human evolution?
  5. How did humans effect ecosystem in every continent?
  6. Have you heard of Homo Florence? Tell me about it.
  7. What are your views on Aryan invasion Theory

Member 4

  1. What are SDG Goals?
  2. Is health part of it.
  3. Is India part of it?Have you read a research  paper on India and SDG?
  4. What is Cop 26?
  5. There is so much Tax evasion in India, what are the reasons?
  6. Only Foreign MNCs are doing? what about domestic companies, they don’t do it?
  7. Any recent global news about Taxation ( G7 Global minimum tax)
  8. What is cultural Anthropology


  1. Continue About Cultural Anthropology.
  2. It is said that NEET favours urban elite Students and has lead to coaching culture. What do you think?
  3. Do you want us to ask you on any topic? I said IR.
  4. Should we use Indian diaspora for our Foreign policy Goals?
  5. What if tomorrow china uses Indians of Chinese descent to promote their goals?

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