[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #229 : R N Choubey Board, Bihar Home state, painting Hobby

Date of Interview: 20th September 2021
Board: R N Choubey Sir
Background: B.tech (Mech) DTU, M.tech (Design) IITD, ESE- 2019, BRO
Home State: Bihar
Hobby: painting


  1. Are you superstitious? (Said no with a pause)
  2. Seems like you were about to say yes, then you said no
  3. What are your views about women keeping fast for their husbands?
  4. 4 judges came out to media. Why? And do you think it was the right thing to do?
  5. You said public faith in judiciary. Have you heard of tareekh pr tareekh? What is it about?
  6. How many cases are pending in our courts?
  7. What is the avg time of disposal of cases in India?
  8. You still think that your argument of public faith holds good?

Member 1

  1. Why ford had to shut it’s shop?
  2. But other players are doing well. How?
  3. As a design engineer, what changes would you recommend in ford design to increase their sales?
  4. Given that both petrol and diesel cost the same, which system would you incorporate into your design?
  5. Logistic costs are increasing. How does it impact our economy?

Member 2

  1. As a design engineer, design a policy for women empowerment? Your original policy.
  2. Govt policies in these areas?
  3. Have you heard about any famous shg model? (From previous answer)
  4. To which state this model belongs?
  5. Tell me more about this model?
  6. You mentioned about NRLM. What’s that?
  7. Madhubani as SHG. Commercialization steps by the government
  8. You make these paintings as well?

Member 3

  1. What is barter system?
  2. Do you know about Atal tunnel?
  3. Tell me a specific sensor name used in it.
  4. What is collaboration and inter disciplinary in NEP?
  5. Is collaboration limited to foreign universities?
  6. How corporate collaboration can help in NEP?
  7. As a mechanical engineer, how would you proceed for collaboration with corporate to float a course? Which course would be your priority?

Member 4

  1. Who is your best friend
  2. What would she tell if I ask her your strengths?
  3. Your weakness?
  4. You could have done well in private. Why ESE and CSE?
  5. How was your experience in IITD compared to DTU?
  6. If you were DC, Chamoli, and you mother calls to tell you that your father has few days left. What would you do?


  1. Do you want to tell us or want us to ask from a particular area?

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