[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #231 : BB Vyas sir Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Geography Optional

Date of Interview: 17-09-2021
Board:  BB Vyas sir
Optional: Geography
Background: B Tech Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals
Home State: Tamil Nadu


  1. Why merger of banks? 
  2. Has any bank featured in the top 100 largest banks in the world? 
  3. Basel norms? 
  4. Fintech Companies 
  5. What is a GI tag 
  6. Any recent from your state 
  7. GI from the other parts of country? 
  8. 20 years of 9 11 how do u see world and US Position now. 
  9. How has our national security approaches changed recently.? 
  10. What is national hydrocarbon policy ? 


  1. How far is your district from chennai and tell me about the special things in your district. 
  2. What is solar passive technology? 
  3. Recently consumer commission ordered that if a bank account is hacked, bank is responsible for it. What is your take on it. ? 

 Member 2

  1. What is the difference between Himalayan system and the other mountain systems in the world? 
  2. What is geological surprise? 
  3. (Explained then that if huge investments are poured in a particular project in Himalayas , and then suddenly a fault appears) 
  4. How to minimises such damages and how to predict these geological surprises beforehand? 
  5. Why rock filled dams are built in earthquake prone zones. ? 
  6. What Is NPA.? 
  7. What is the current npa scenario in the banks in India 

Member 3

  1. What is the scope for india to become a technology hub. 
  2. What are the constraints in it.? 
  3. Why too much cattle smuggling is happening in india? 
  4. How to stop that ? 
  5. In which states ban on cattle slaughter is not there in india 

Member 4

  1. Is geography playing a bigger role in politics of a region. Explain with reference to Afghanistan.
  2. Why despite remaining landlocked Central Asian countries does not face much issues. 
  3. When industries are falling in current covid scenario how do u think will the recovery be. 
  4. What is offset policy. 


  1. What is specialised banking. Do u know the committee that was put for that and tell what is that. 
  2. What do u think will be the banking sector position in 10 years from now.  

Thank you. Good luck to you.

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