[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #240 : Sujata Mehta Board, History Optional, Cricket Hobby

Date of Interview: 14 -09-2021
Board: Sujata Mehta
Optional:  History
Background: Graduation (polymer engineering)
Hobby: Cricket 


  1. Asked about my opinion on whether Olympics should have been held during such pandemic or not. Recently after the games, Japan had seen lot of covid cases and also there was some opposition to games internally in japan
  2. Whether big events like olympic or IPL are more about money, brands and sports remain secondary to such event ?
  3. Gave a prologue about 2010 CWG games (the scam, bad press we got internationally)So, should we now bid for the Olympics or not?

Member 1

  1. Asked  benefits of merger of banks 
  2. Concept of bank rate
  3. Current situation about inflation and reasons
  4. What is one event from Indian freedom struggle I would like to delete
  5. What are the alternatives to single use plastic

Member 2

  1. Asked about issues in PPP model
  2. Question about municipal bonds
  3. Positive steps in New Education Policy about Higher education

Member 3

  1. I didn’t get his question first time. Asked him to repeat. Question about whether doctors, medical practitioners be more careful while prescribing generic drugs
  2. I said yes because there might be issues with respect to Quality Control of these drugs when compared to branded drugs. But then he said that all these companies are licensed then what’s the issue? I said that there have been news reports highlighting issues about generic drugs. I couldn’t read his exact expression after this ( I don’t know whether I answered it correctly or not . )
  3. Asked about how to promote diversity in government services?
  4. How is diversity ensured at your bank/branch? I said that my manager is a lady and she is doing an excellent job. Then he said that how it shows diversity?  I said that my branch has total 3 staff and out of that 1 is lady. He said Ok, Ok.

Member 1

  1. She said that lets talk something from your graduation (graduated from a chemical engineering institute) . Asked about my understanding of the concept of energy security.
  2. How are we securing our energy sources from any vulnerabilities of war etc (referring to a a point in my previous answer)
  3. She initially asked about whether I know about case of Texas where there was blackout like situation since renewable couldn’t supply energy. I said No.
  4. How are we reducing the irregularity of supply in renewable energy sources when it comes to India?


  1. So, whether there is any area from which you want us to ask questions? I said that maybe my home state of Maharashtra. She asked about whether there should be separate state of Vidarbha.
  2. Overall the interview was cordial. The only issue was the mask.It was going down whenever I was speaking.  Sujata Madam is I think very particular about it. Even the door of interview room is open to keep ventilation. The lady member even asked me that whether I was wearing different mask while coming from home then who asked you to change that. I said security people at entrance. She then said that we need to take up the matter with authorities. So, I think this mask issue has happened with many candidates. I am hoping that they don’t give me negative marks for this mask thing because the mask was just not staying in its place.
  3. But all in all good experience.

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