[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #243 : Sathyavathi Ma’am Board, Mechanical Engineering Optional, Delhi Home state

Date of Interview:20 -09-2021
Board: Sathyavathi Ma’am Board
Optional: Mechanical Engineering
Home State: Delhi
Hobbies: Exploring gadgets, Reading non fiction


  1. Tell us about administrative structure of Delhi
  2. Why tussle between Delhi and Central government
  3. Other UTs have legislatures too. Why not tussle there?
  4. Which other UTs have legislature
  5. How to resolve this tussle? Give practical Solution

Member 1

  1. NSS comes under which ministry
  2. What did you do in NSS?
  3. What does the orientation ceremony of NSS involve?
  4. How long is this ceremony and how many times in year?
  5. How to double agricultural income?

Member 2

  1. How to do water harvesting? Also tell central and state level initiatives about the same.
  2. Difference between turbo engine and normal engine?
  3. Which causes more pollution?
  4. Respond to the statement : “US wants territorial expansion”

Member 3

  1. Who was Safdar Hashmi?
  2. Where did you do Nukkad natak in NSS? What was it about?
  3. Which books do you like to read?
  4. What is freudian psychology? Have you read it?
  5. Two unintelligible psychology terms
  6. Isn’t India wasting money by having space program? What is the utility?

Member 4

  1. Which is the smallest commercially produced chip size?
  2. Which company has this chip?
  3. What is moore’s law
  4. What is limit of moore’s law?
  5. Why this limit?
  6. What is quantum tunneling?
  7. Can you connect Quantum tunneling to moore’s law?
  8. Some unintelligible phenomenon

Chairperson:  Thank you your interview is over. We wish you best of luck.

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