[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #236 : Sujata Mehta Board, Sociology Optional, Bihar Home State

Date of Interview:16 -09-2021
Board:  Sujata Mehta
Optional:  sociology
Background: Btech in ECE
Home State: Bihar


  1. Introduce yourself with emphasis on education and work experience. 
  2. Did you sit for Campus placement? 
  3. Have you done internship? 
  4. Didn’t you want to use your internship knowledge rather than going for upsc? 
  5. Mental health volunteer – asked details about what I do, where I do, how I do, what type of cases come, etc? 
  6. Is mental health an issue in India as well? 
  7. India is a family oriented society so do we seek comfort in family or outside? Why outside?
  8.  One two more questions and then passed on to member 1 who was also a lady member.

Member 1

  1. Spoke for 1-2 mins which summarised to tell me the issues and steps taken wrt cyber security and women security. 
  2. Interrupted after I spoke about cyber security and started asking follow ups – State sponsored cyber security attacks.. What should India do about it? 
  3. Should we be offensive also or just defensive? 
  4. Challenges wrt women security? 
  5. Are the steps taken by companies for dealing with sexual harassment sufficient? 

Member 2

  1. Are men also vulnerable to sexual harassment? 
  2. What should we do about it? 
  3. Asked a very long question about low rates of first trimester checkup and it’s probable linkage with sex determination test, developed countries fix the checkup responsibility on care giver. Should India also make a similar law? What else should we do? 

Member 3 

  1. Brexit – is UK regretting the move now? 
  2. IBC – it’s positives and negatives. 
  3. 3 decades of National Mental health programme – what’s it’s status? 

Member 4

(a little comforting person) 

  1. Is an individual shaped by the society? 
  2. Why was there a semiconductor shortage in the automobile industry in recent times? 
  3. Why is India not manufacturing it’s own chips? 
  4. What is digital India and share some steps taken by the govt for the same? 


  1. Do you want us to ask you anything else? 
  2. I  asked that if they have time, may I share one poem? 
  3. She denied
  4. I said thank you. There is nothing else I want to be asked.. She said okay then, thank you.  And I left. 
  5. I feel I messed up at the end a little bit. But other than that, it was nice. It was formal but members gave ample time to speak and express yourself. I also said I don’t know much about a few questions like Brexit, mental health programme.. But they said tell us what you know and I even asked to repeat one question and asked for clarification in one question. They humbly assisted me at all places. 

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