[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #237 : BB Vyas Sir Board , PSIR Optional, Haryana Home State

Date of Interview:15 -09-2021
Board:  BB Vyas Sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Haryana


  1. why have you not done Post graduation
  2.  Tell me about India USA partnership in climate.
  3.  How will it help us in mitigation and adaptation 
  4.  Tell me something about Lok Adalat
  5.  what role do they play at local level
  6.  what is ditital economy and fintech
  7.  can you give some examples
  8.  what is soft power
  9.  how is India using its soft power
  10.   have you heard of ICCR. What role does it play

Member 1 

  1.  What is role of CAG
  2.  what is the exact mechanism dbhon CAG audit)
  3.  does CAG conducts Audits himself or checks them
  4. asked me to arrange countries ( USA, UK, RUSSIA, CHINA AND JAPAN) with which India has stronger ties
  5. asked me justification for the same

Member 2  

  1.  Why is there crime against women and how can we stop it
  2. Does it make a difference if there is female SHO or male SHO
  3. as a victim what do expect when you go to a police station
  4. asked me the same question again
  5. what is community policing

Member 3 

  1.  why have you placed Russia ahead of USA. (Based on answer i gave to member 1) 
  2. But we have strong ties with USA now and Russia is aligning with China and Pakistan (based on last answer)
  3.  why is India so keen to tackle climate change
  4.  will you challenge the assessment that India is 3rd largest carbon emitter
  5.  What about per capita emissions do you have any data to support your view

Member 4 

  1.  you have mentioned about village cleanliness in your DAF. what have you exactly done.
  2.  is it still continuing or was it just one time exercise
  3.  Tell me 5 plants to curb indoor pollution
  4.  Tell me about Sarvodaya. Who coined this word
  5.  tell me about its relevance in present context
  6.  what is essential public services act
  7.  what public services do you expect as a citizen 
  8.  what is delitimation commission, when was last exercise done

Chairman – your interview is over, all the best

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