[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #245 : TCA Anant Board, Bihar Home State, Running, Hindi Movies, Developmental Stories Hobbies

Date of Interview: 21/9/2021
Board: TCA Anant
Background: GGPS Bokaro | Chemical Engg. Plastics and Polymer | BIT Mesra Jharkhand
Home State: Bihar
Hobbies: Running | Hindi Movies with a message| Developmental Stories


  1. SWOT Analysis of your district (Madhubani).
  2. Ways to tackle Weaknesses?
  3. Why Madhubani to Bokaro for intermediate(11th and 12th)?

Member 1

  1. Is defense infrastructure boosting, need of the hour, or waste of resources?
  2. Cybersecurity-related threats and possible ways forward?

Member 2

  1. Should plastics be banned altogether?
  2. Possibility of single-use plastic use in circular economy (e.g. road building material)
  3. Every movie has a message, what is special about Hindi movies with a message?
  4. How do you decide that a movie has a message without watching it?
  5. What do you mean by developmental story?

Member 3

  1. Attracting investment in your district? Basis (Situation based, addressing investor’s forum with your state CM)
  2. Promotion of local products (Makhana)?
  3. Steps to be taken to promote economic growth in your district (in 2 years)?
  4. On college placement?

Member 4

  1. About Vidyapati, a famous Maithili poet?
  2. Another famous personality of this region (Mandan Mishra)?

Chairperson: Thank You, Your interview is over. (around 30 min)

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