[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #247 : RN Choubey Board, Jharkhand Home State, Weightloss, strength Training, and investment planning Hobbies

Board: RN Choubey Sir
Home State: Jharkhand
Background: B.tech (Production Engg)
Hobbies:  Weightloss, strength Training, and investment planning


  1. Give intro detailing about study and work ex
  2. 2. GST a threat to Fiscal federalism (2 connected question)
  3. Your weakness
  4. What you have done to overcome…

Member 1

  1. What is 22 sept famous for (Police reform day ….it was on newspaper today)
  2. Police have trust issue among them self? What you say (My dad is police officer)
  3. Reforms in Police which have not stated till now ?
  4. Where are you know? I mean what training you are undergoing

Member 2

  1. Bullet trains and its significance?
  2. Benefits of bullet train? Is it not wastage of money?
  3. About railway restructuring (2-3 related questions)
  4. Compare roadways and bullet train(Not normal train)
  5. Weight loss program… What you do? Professional or Amature(Said reduced weight from 98 to 72 Kg in 1 year… every one was WAAAOO….maam said salute to you determination) Few more question on weight training.

Member 3

  1. What was your role as PRO
  2. What qualities a PRO must have
  3. You were alumni incharge. So don’t you think Alumini play a important role.
  4. Suppose you are Heading a team and asked to invest 2 Cr rupees from alumni fund and a suggestion comes that a part of it should be spend on poor children near by your college. Would you accept?
  5. What will you do for implementing that?

Member 4

  1. How will you deal with fight between locals and college students
  2. If you are chief Secy how would you see problem of GST loss to your state
  3. What will be your priority as IAS?
  4. 2- more question on hobby didn’t remember


  1. Ethan it’s very good interacting with you. From our side, we have asked questions. Would you like to ask or say anything from your side?
  2. I said Sir I want to say about Strength training and nutrition——Said about my weight loss journey.. difference between fat loss and weight loss…importance of weight loss. (Detailed)
  3. Sir said Thank you can go
  4. It was very good experience. Board was cordial there is nothing to say about that as they are not Raghu Rajiv of Roadies

Few mistakes

  1. I said in railway there is strong departmentalism and people sees there mistake——its a loose statement——but realised and clarified with example that mechanical don’t want to discontinue Diesel engine as they have their interest
  2. Said thank you while in process of standing but realised and said again after standing.
  3. Said sorry in 3-4 factual question.

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