[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #249 : Sujata Mehta Board, Rajasthan Home State, Geography Optional, Cricket, Bollywood movies Hobbies

Board: Sujata Mehta
Optional: Geography
Hobbies: Cricket, Bollywood movies,
Home State: Rajasthan
Indian Defence Estates Service


  1. Introduce about study and job experience in breif.
  2. defence Land: long conservation, questions, counter questions like land monetization, defence infra, Optimum utilisation etc.
  3. Cantonment road closures issue ma’am said about recent incident of minor girl rape case in delhi cantonment (old nagla village)- should they have right to protect in cantonment?
  4. What’s your views as cantonment authorities are not allowing.
  5. How do you see this CDS move, relevance?
  6. CDS and department of military affairs (DMA) are there than what is the need of IDES?
  7. NOW how defence land will be managed after this DMA?

Member 1 

  1. what is retrospective tax ?
  2. Recent case status ?
  3. TRP ?
  4. relations between fake news and TRP ?
  5. what to do with private land in cantonment ? ( B3 land )
  6. merger of civil area in nearby municipality and discussion on this like what if municipalities don’t agree to do ? Way out
  7. chairperson ma’am took a point from my reply and asked specifically about enclaves of civil area between military area case .
  8. which finance commission it was ?
  9. specific recommendations for defence by this finance commission ? ( I remembered 2 recommendations )

Member 2

  1. 16 )about one recommendation of non lapsable fund for defence – benifit from it  ?, if we don’t have this what will be issues ? , Should we go for fund like this in these situations of financial crisis?
  2. 17) unable to remember clearly but they talked about Jems col. Tod ( related to rajasthan)
  3. 18) you have geography optional tell me about latitude, longitude, magnitude?
  4. 19) how times are different for countries, how it decided?
  5. 20) you said like we can go for monetization of defence land to some extent , don’t you have a perspective plan fo defence land for long term ?
  6. What point you have in your plan ?
  7. 21) curefw under which law of section

Member 3 

  1. suppose you as DM of a district , there are riots in two groups ? Now you have to take decision for section 144, curfew, shoot?
  2. How you will assess that what course of action should be taken?
  3. in this he asked what you will do to report of SP of that district ?
  4. what are the similarities and differences between CEO of municipalities and CEO of cantonment ? And further questions
  5. are you doing digitization in your cantonment ?( Explained e-chhawani)

Member 4

  1.  is there anything that we should ask?
  2. ( I said about cricket and Hindi movies )
  3. Ma’am looked at all members to ask and finally, she herself asked what kind of movies do you watch?
  4. padmawat movie issue?


  1. was that agitation and incidents regarding this movie were appropriate?
  2. filmmakers should have liberty to make films with some changes in real stories?
  3.  Your interview is over.
  4. I may not be able to recall some questions, questions are not in sequence.

Overall:  cordial board, helpful people, most of the Questions related to job, ma’am was specifically want to know only opinion, nothing factual.

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