[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #250 : Smita Nagraj Board, Delhi Home State, Sociology Optional, Meditation, Marathon Hobbies

Date of Interview: 22/09/21
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
Home State: Delhi,
Background: Engineering physics(DCE),
Optional: Sociology,
Hobbies: meditation, marathon.


  1. Why TM? Why TM famous in west? How different from other forms of meditation?
  2. Is dissatisfaction good?
  3. Any dissatisfaction in past that proven good? (Gave pre independence ex)
  4. Dissatisfaction In last decade?
  5. Social issues in India that hurt our development.
  6. What is Loneliness of long distance runner.
  7. What are you doing now a days?

Member 1

  1. very very big monologue on PSU, their origin, their present status.
  2. Should tax payers money be wasted? Should they be disinvested?
  3. Spoke for around 5-6 minutes but asked only 2 questions.
  4. M2: Again big big monologue on delhi governance.
  5. Asked one question on FDI which I didn’t know.

Member 2

  1. 2.Why Delhi should have a assembly?
  2. 3.London also doesn’t has.
  3. I said population but he was dissatisfied.
  4. Suggest some Judicial reforms?

Member 3

  1. August Comte and his contribution. And why sociology was born?
  2. MN Srinivas ans his contribution
  3. Issues faced by youth and their sociological explanation.
  4. Book by yogendra singh.
  5. Asked some concept which I didn’t know.
  6. Diff between social work and social service.  Kept saying I’ll ask the last question and went on to ask 3 questions one after other. 😛

Member 4

  1. A news that your read that you didn’t want to read today.
  2. Debate about India’s marathon runner.
  3. Why sociology
  4. India


  1. Wasn’t able to listen to their words as members were sitting far with masks. Several times I  asked them what did they say and then I started answering.
  2. Length of interview:  ~ 20 minutes.
  3. No time wasting no comforting. Started questioning the moment I sat.
  4. Didn’t touch many sides of daf.
  5. No smiling, very formal setup.

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