[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #254 : Bhonsle sir  Board, Anthropology Optional, Cricket Hobby

Date of Interview:20-09-2021
Board: Bhonsle sir
Optional: Anthropology
Background: B.Tech
Hobbies: Cricket, part of an initiative to help state civil service aspirants

Chairman :

You are the last batsman for today. I think you are like a night watchmen in cricket now. Do you play cricket?

We generally dont get this late. But don’t worry we will give you your 30 minutes to assess your personality. We are here to test your suitability for the services. He asked me to settle down remove face shield and wipe my face with tissue.

Sir started by reading out my education, work experience and hobbies with positive comments about them.

1 What is charles darwin famous for.

2 what does theory of origin of species say about.

3 what is natural selection.

4 Do you know the name of the essay in which theory of origin of species was described.

5 Suppose you are posted in kakinada, which is effected by cyclones and you get information that a cyclone will hit in the next 5-6 days. What steps will you take , tell me broadly?

6 what do you do as part of the initiative to help state service aspirants.

7 what questions you usually get from aspirants.

8 what do you suggest them.

Member 1

1 So you have worked in oil sector and working in taxation. Finance minister is telling that oil prices are not coming down because of the oil bonds during UPA time. What is your opinion on that.

2 Now let us come to gst. I have two questions. First one is , GST is being portrayed as a good example of fiscal federalism, do you also think the same. Second one is , why few states are opposing GST then.

3 What is destination based tax ?( follow up question

4 What is the impact of Self Help Groups ?

Member 2

1 Who controls the internet.

2 Where is the DNS server located.

3 Where is root DNS server located.

4 You are a student of anthropology. Has reading anthropology brought any change in your life.

5 Now i am going to throw you a googly. What is the difference between thought and idea ?

Member 3:

1 You are from Andhra. Do you support the idea of 3 capitals.

2 Then why few people are opposing it.

3 Suppose you are posted in a rural area. How will you increase enrolment in schools.

4 You have studied in navodaya. Which aspects of navodaya do you want to extend to other state government schools also.

5 How can we reduce tax evasion.

Member 4

Sir started by saying , You are the last batsman of the day and i am the last bowler of the day .

1 Tell me the difference between Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

2 Tell me one real life example of machine learning.

3 Why 5g is told to increase speeds .

4 What is the relation between frequency and wavelength

5 What is shale gas

6 How is shale gas extracted

7 What is the principle behind that extraction technique.

8 What is the environmental impact of shale gas exploration

9 which country has biggest shale reserves.

10 what are embedded system.

11 Difference between embedded systems and computer.


1 The Prime minister in his independence day speech told that NEP is a weapon to eradicate poverty. Why do you think it is so. Take your time , write down points in the paper before you and answer me. We can even write a essay on the topic but i just want few points.

2 I have answered 3 points and sir has insisted me to think more after which i was able to add one point.

Sir gave a speech for around 2 minutes regarding the 25 years amrit kal that PM has spoke about, the importance,expectations from public servants and why public servants should work hard.

3 What are you going to do now ?

Thank you . Your interview is over.

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