[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #257 : Smita Nagraj Ma’am Board, PSIR Optional ,Cricket, Cooking Hobbies

Date of Interview:15 -09-2021
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Optional: PSIR
Background: Civil Engineering,
Hobby: Cricket, Cooking


  1. Do you have any work experience ?
  2. Cooperative Sector played a great role in development of states. How do you see the role of cooperation ministry?
  3. Should we force cooperation as model of development on undeveloped regions?
  4. What are the problems faced by cooperatives?
  5. Irregularities in cooperative banks.. Are you aware of them?
  6. Reasons for such irregularities
  7. Shouldn’t we abandon cooperative banks and go for private banks so that such frauds will be avoided
  8. What about frauds in big banks ( In context of PNB crisis and DHFL scam)
  9. Regulatory mechanism in others sectors of economy
  10. Tell me about performance of regulatory mechanisms in India.

Member 1

  1. Maharashtra is draught prone. Still sugarcane production. What should we do?
  2. Sugarcane lead to water stress what will you do ?
  3. From Answer – Govt schemes are working for 30-40 years but no result. Don’t you think we have failed?
  4. From Answer – I have visited the Hiware Bazaar. But do not see any impact on other villages.
  5. Gave examples from my side how it is leading other villages to come forward

Member 2

  1. You did civil Engineering.
  2. Tell me about expanded concrete ?
  3. What are the techniques for thermal insulation of building and it’s technical details ?
  4. Uniform civil code – Should we go for it or not?
  5. Is your village popular ?
  6. Why there are child marriages in Maharashtra?
  7. Why there are more crimes in Nagpur ?

Member 3

  1. Tell me about pollutants in river water
  2. Sea pollution and reasons
  3. Measures to be taken
  4. Regulatory body for pollution in states

Member 4

  1. Farmers Suicide in Maharashtra. Reasons.
  2. PM KISAN vs Farm Loan Waivers – which is better ?
  3. Why not farm loan waivers ?

Member 4

  1. Do you know Dholavira? What is its speciality ?
  2. There are 2 Quads. Are you aware of another QUAD ?
  3. What is the mandate of Afghanistan wala Quad?
  4. Is it working ?
  5. How Quad ( Ind- US wala) is working. Is it effective ?
  6. Ma’am Again – One last question
  7. Why USA intervened in Afghanistan and Central Asian region ?

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