[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #258 : TCA Anant Board, Odisha Home State, Geography Optional

Date of Interview: 21-09-2021
Board: TCA  Anant
Optional: Geography
Home State: Odisha


  1. Tell your journey from Infosys to Institution where u work now
  2. Role in Infosys
  3. Swot analysis of your district (ganjam)
  4. 4.Told about threat from adjoining naxal districts and my district is crime capital of odisha.
  5. 5.How to resolve the weaknesses
  6. Reason – why it is crime capital.

Member 1

  1. As u told abt naxal districts what steps taken by odisha govt to tackle naxal district
  2. Long discussion on leaders of naxal and issues related to naxals in odisha
  3. Why educated persons like sabyasachi panda becoming naxal leaders.
  4. Which scheme is best to tackle naxals – state one or central govt one
  5. Effectiveness of direct benefit transfer
  6. Tell me something unique about baleshwar – chandipur beach and reason behind the geographical phenomena

Member 2

  1. Long discussion on surrender and rehabilitation policy of Odisha
  2. He Told me youths are joining naxal cadres to gain monetarily from surrender and rehabilitation policy. What’s your take on that and how to tackle it
  3. Quantum computing. Explain the principle of superimposition and entanglement

Member 3

  1. Long lecture on climate Change and conferences associated with it. Then asked why low developed countries and Developing countries not adopting to renewable energy technologies swiftly.
  2. 2.Asked me questions on nuclear energy. Why not give full scale preference to nuclear energy and then discussion regarding it
  3. Question on AUKUS
  4. Difference between conventional submarine and nuclear power submarine.
  5. Further discussions on nuclear powewred submarine

Member 4 ( madam)

  1. Long discussion on mentoring and content development- what you do there, what is the socio-educational background of those student, what challenges do they face, any success stories from your Institute
  2. What success means to you
  3. How you are going to tackle crimes in your district and boost tourism potential.

Chairman – Thank you, your interview is over

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