[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #259 : Smita Nagraj Board, Anthropology Optional, Maharashtra Home state

Date of Interview: 20 -09-2021
Board: Smita Nagraj mam
Optional: Anthropology
Background: Graduation
Home state Maharashtra


  1. Welcome, your height Is good, you must have been the tallest person in all your classes
  2. do you play any sports?
  3. What are you doing nowadays?
  4. Unequal development in maharashtra, reasons ?
  5. Personal opinion on whether marathwada should be made a separate state?
  6. how to gauge the demand of people? How do people make their demands known?
  7. Should we hold a referendum for such decision?
  8. What are the issues that arise in referendum? (I told people may be influenced by politicians for a particular decision, holding such a massive exercise would be difficult) She told me that voice of minorities may be suppressed.
  9. Any personal experience where issues of minorities were taken into consideration or otherwise while taking decision? I said unable to recall

Member 1

  1. gave long context and asked whether do you support the new expressway that is being developed between mumbai and delhi?
  2. Won’t it be a waste of money as already freight corridor is present?
  3. Some more back and forth about it, In the end, I said I’ll read more about it.
  4. Is Darwins theory relevant today?
  5. What are its criticism?
  6. Which theory is relevant for evolution today?

Member 2

  1.  Why don’t people opt for anthro in graduation?
  2. have we stooped such low that getting jobs is the only consideration while selecting graduation courses?
  3. You’re from pune, Why are private education institutions rising all over India?
  4. What role do you see the public education institutions playing in near and long term future.
  5. Won’t the public institutes lose their position to private institutions?
  6. If you’re given power, what changes will you make so as to make educational institutions more relevant?

Member 3

  1. Can we represent anthropology through statistics?
  2. is there any subject that we cannot express through use of statistics?
  3. What is reflective writing ?
  4. How is it different from normal writing?
  5. any things that you wrote recently?
  6. What is the biggest security challenge before india?
  7. How should we deal with Pakistan so as to force them to withdraw their support to cross border terrorism?
  8. can water be used as a weapon?
  9. Which country is doing so?

Member 4

  1. What is the study of coins called?
  2. Which all coins do you have?
  3. favorite coin and reasons?
  4. how should we deal with Kashmir issue?
  5. who is the home secretary of India?( no clue)
  6. What concrete steps will you take to solve Kashmir issue if you’re made home sec.


  1. Tell me one thing that you learnt from your mother and one from your father.
  2. Thank you, your interview is over.

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