[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #27 : Sujata Mehta  Board, Sociology Optional, Uttar Pradesh State, life Hacks, mediation, pranayama Hobbies

Interview date: – 20 Aug 2021,
Board: Sujata Mehta
Optional: Sociology
Education: ECE graduation, MNNIT Ald
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Hobbies: life Hacks, mediation, pranayama


1. Give a brief intro including your education & employment background. Emphasised on asking “any” type of employment.
2. What kept you motivated for this exam?
3. Question on hobby – what is innovative life hacks? Any examples ?
4. Asked opinion on a case study related to hobby.
5. Types of hacking & whether hacking by nerds good? Even for good intentions?
6. What should government do?
7. Follow up Questions on Hackathon event by government ? Their Significance? Role of government vs big private companies?

Member 2

1. About problem of malnutrition in UP? Give figures.
2. What has government done ?
3. Details about Poshan Abhiyan? Changes in Poshan 2.0
4. Role of Aanganwadi, Asha etc.
5. What else government can do?
6. Follow up question on e Rupi ?

Member 3

1. Do you know about insurance? ( Random question & follow up questions)
2. What are the different types of insurance?
3. Who regulate it?
4. Why do we need regulation of this sector?
5. What is the purpose of life insurance?
6. Gave a complicated long case study on life insurance- whether it is ethical or not to transfer a life insurance by a critically ill single person to someone else for money? Or can he auction it?

Member 4

1. What is cyber security framework in India?
Elaborate across different sectors – financial, defence, governance, etc. ( Very long question & some follow ups)
2. Manifestation of Sagarmala Project.
3. About Blue Economy. What are the areas etc

Member 5

1. Tell me about Weber.
2. About his Bureaucracy. Why are the problems in it?
3. Contribution of Elton Mayo?
4. Difference between Weber’s model & Elton Mayo’s. Which one do you prefer?
5. Difference between group & team?
6. What is the “one” reason for school dropouts. How Nep will help in solving this issue.
7. How will sociology & engineering knowledge help you in civil services?

Thankyou Anurag your Interview is over. Do you want us to ask anything else that you have prepared or interested. I took a pause & said thank you ma’am it was a great experience & I’m satisfied.
Total around 35-40 minutes.Very cordial & engaging members. Much better experience than mock interviews.
All the very best to everyone

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