[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #31 : Rajeev Nayan Choubey Board, Hindi literature Optional, Meditation & writing poems Hobbies

Board: Rajeev Nayan Choubey
Background: B.T – M.T. dual degree Aerospace engineering IIT Kanpur
Optional: Hindi literature
Hobbies: meditation and writing poems
Work ex: 11 months in a startup.


  1. Introduce yourself highlighting educational and professional experience.
  2. What was your role in your company ?
  3. Have you heard about circular economy ? What is it ?
  4. What are the white revolution and blue revolution?
  5. We have a parliament form of government in our country. Why do we have it? Don’t you feel we can do much better with presidential form of govt. ?

Member 1 

  1. why civil services after doing btech and mtech ? ( Narrated a incident about social impact civil servant can have )
  2. Why not become educator then they also have social impact ? (Told about Career advancement opportunities )
  3. Why not private sector which have better potential for career growth ?
  4. What is blue navy ?
  5. Difference between Recent INS Vikrant and older one ?
  6. What is tratak meditation ?
  7. What are the benefits of it ?
  8. But these are your personal experience can you tell about something which we can measured?

Member 2

  1. Space race between USSR and US ?
  2. Who was kalpana chawla ?
  3. Reason of their shuttle failure ?
  4. Reason of black hawk failure ? ( Used by US during operation against Osama bin Laden)
  5. Why Aerospace engineers join NASA and not work in india ?

Member 3

  1. SWOT analysis of civil services ?
  2. What are the threat to civil services ?
  3. How do you fit in this framework of civil services ?
  4. What kind of civil services do USA have ?

Member 4

  1. So many people of Rajasthan came for interview, have you met one ?
  2. When did wright brothers’ first flight took place?
  3. Tell 2 reason for and against hiring IIT, IIM AIIMS graduates in civil services ?
    (Follow up)Are you saying arts graduate are inferior to engineers ?
  4. Why hindi literature after engineering?
  5. Use “na rahega baans na bajegi baansuri” in current Indian political dispensation

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