[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #32 : Air Marshal Bhonsle Board, Literature of Kannada Optional, reading novels, Hobby

Date of Interview: 16/8/2021
Board: Bhonsle sir
Graduation: BE (Mechanical)
Optional: Literature of Kannada
Interests: theatre workshops/educator on YouTube/reading novels


  • (Asked me to remove the shield.
    Briefly gave an idea about the process, not a Q-A but a conversation to see the suitability. Made sure I was calm and settled properly before starting)
    Read out some parts from the DAF.

    1. On Mission Karmayogi-Let’s not get into the details. Just tell one feature which caught ur attention (said- rule based to role based)
    2. Is rule based bad?
    3. What’s the need of role based now? (Said changing times wrt technology, capacity etc)

Member 1

  1. U said tech change. One such is 5G. Tell me about it.
  2. how do you decrease latency
  3. How are these waves affecting us?
  4. Don’t you think we need to stop these harmful radiation?
  5. How are length and mass measured?
  6. If you are using tools in shop floor how would you say the instruments are accurate?
  7. Who sets standards of these tools at national level?
  8. At intl level?

Member 2

  1. (From DAF -Was opposition party leader in school)
  2. Tell me the role of opposition Party and the tools available in constitution for opposition
  3. Why do we need standing committees?
  4. If you are the DM of a dist and there is a sudden influx of migrants what will you do to assist them

Member 3

  1. Continuing with the migrants- on July 29 or so SC came up with a verdict. Any idea? ( couldn’t recall exactly, said it could be about migrant data)
  2. Yes. Data was part of it. Why data on migrants are important now? Any progress in this regard?
  3. Are you a body builder or do some physical workout?(nope) ok i thought you were and prepared some questions on it. U said no. I have to skip them.
  4. Anyway what do u do for brain work?(mentioned the same in DAF, member asked any other. Said Sudoku and read non fiction etc)
  5. Minimum no. of logical moves required to solve a sudoku.
  6. U said role based- rule based etc why not reason based? (said that’s foundation quality in both and therefore not explicitly talked about)
  7. But reasons can be good or bad. How will a role based person choose better reason. (Said ethical, logical, legal dimension must be considered)
  8. How ll you choose ethical point here? (Said utilitarian, rights approach etc)
  9. Ok but these are hypothetical and outdated ethical views isn’t it. Anyway let’s not get into philosophy.

Member 4

  1. U are into theatre who is your favourite? (I Asked if i have to name a playwright or actor) member said Both.
  2. Why Karnad
  3. Your fav play of Karnad?
  4. What’s so good about tughlaq?
  5. You are from Bengaluru there are too many complaints on lake water and its deterioration.
  6. Why lakes are facing these and how to deal?

    Chair- what plans now? You must be hungry. Ur huge body needs good food. Go eat nicely.
    Looking fwd to see u in the service soon. ATB. U may leave.
    Thanked everyone. Came out.
    (Asked an attendant sitting outside how long did it go. He said more than half an hour)

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