[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #34 : Sathiyavathy Board, Mathematics, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Optional, Playing chess & cricket Hobby

Board: Sathiyavathy ma’am
Graduation: Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay
Optional: Mathematics
Hobby: Playing chess and cricket
Home State: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


  1. which prize is given for people working in maths below a certain age? Do you know who got it recently?
  2. Why so many IITians coming to CSE
  3. Wastage of resources in technical students in IIT, when they to do generalist work, that can be done by anyone?
  4. Should students from IIT/AIIMS/IIMs be banned from CSE?

Member 1

  1. What is the role of UN in the current day international politics?
  2. What is our neighbourhood policy? Why SAARC could not become successful? What will be its impact if Taliban comes to power?
  3. Taliban rise to power and rights of women in Afghanistan and also what effects it will have on minorities and it’s implication on India.
  4. Inflation is actually good for the economy. Why do you say that inflation is bad for the economy?
  5. If you have to make one amendment in the constitution, what will be it?

Member 2

  1. Tell us some terms used in chess.
  2. Why Russians dominate in chess?
  3. what is bioinformatics? What problems India is facing in bioinformatics?
  4. what are the particular problems related to diseases in eastern UP and how to solve the problem. Why Up is backward?

Member 3

  1. why women’s cricket is not popular in India?
  2. we have performed very poor in Olympics, why is so ? What can be done to improve?
  3. So you have done B.tech from IIT. Tell me some history of IIT Bombay?
  4. South Korea doesn’t have IITs, still good in technology? Why so?

Member 4

  1. Why do we need different engines?
  2. Why there is no internal combustion engines in aircraft?
  3. What happens when we fill petrol in diesel engines and vice versa?
  4. what do you mean by public service? Aren’t all citizens serving the country in one form or the other?
  5. How women’s reservations will help in women empowerment? Why reservation is not seemed to end? Why it is still going on and on? Should reservation be there in armed forces?

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