[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #39 : TCA Anant Board, Bihar Home State, Mathematics Optional, sci-fi movies, coding Hobby

Date of Interview: 20 August, forenoon
Board: TCA Anant sir,
Qualifications: Computer Engg.
Hobby: sci-fi movies, coding
Optional: Mathematics
Home State: Bihar
Work- ex: at adobe


  1. Is nsit and dce same?
  2. You have worked in adobe,interned in Samsung what was your work there.
  3. What did you do during last 5 years, other than preparation?
  4. If you are made tourism secretary bihar, what challenges will you identify and how will you improve them?
  5. Why big pvt chains not venturing in Bihar?

Member 1

  1. How will you use technology to improve tourism
  2. 1-2 questions on sci fi (favorite movie, what’s it’s application today)
  3. 3-4 small Question relating to kigali amendment
  4. Question on Delhi’s waste management model

Member 2

  1. Where were you born? How many times do you visit Bihar?
  2. Importance of Gaya
  3. What is your service preference.
  4. Question on Afghanistan issue
  5. Ques on recent amendment to ips, removing disability quota
  6. Question on deposit insurance in banks

Member 3 

  1. What kind of tourist come maximum to India? Bag packers, middle class or elite?
  2. What problems do elite tourist face and why?
  3. Contribution of indian mathematician to maths
  4. Relationship between maths, astrology and astronomy.
  5. Why students fear maths?

Member 4

  1. What is better for local economy , homestays or 5 star hotels?
  2. View on crypto currency
  3. Why did you choose maths optional?
  4. Why were you named “my name”?

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