[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #42 : Sathiyavathy Board, Jharkhand Home State, Mechanical Engineering Optional, IRS Service

Board: Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Education: Mech Engg IITD
Optional: Mech Engg
Service: IRS (IT)
work-ex: axis bank,
Home State:  Jharkhand


  1. read my daf aloud
  2. Which IRS batch. Currently in service or eol
  3. What do yo do in video/image editing (DAF)
  4. What was the recent issue in Axis Bank? Ma’am confused it with yes bank issue
  5. Okay was there any issue in axis bank too
  6. Why you left axis bank
  7. What about a salary cut

Member 1

  1. Appreciated for picking mechanical engineering as optional and then asked why chose  mechanical engineering
  2. How will you use mechanical engineering in administration
  3. What are the new research areas in mechanical engineering
  4. What was your role in hostel working committee ( DAF)
  5. Have you studied material science in college
    In recent parliament tell about new legislations which were passed

Member 2

  1. What is Inspire Scholarship ( DAF)
  2. Tell about the legislation which brought indirect transfer of assets .
  3. Retrospective amendment and changes brought in and reasons
  4. What will be your priority when you become CM
  5. Have you watched Nayak’s movie? What will you do if you are made CM of Jharkhand for one day?

Member 3

  1. How will you use nano technology in stealth technology
  2. Recently Uttarakhand cm resigned. What was the reason
  3. Jharkhand and Bihar separated which state is loser in this
  4. But one state has mineral resources one has not then what

Member 4

  1. What is FATF
  2. Did you work regarding to that in your job
  3. What does the business intelligence unit do (work experience)
  4. What is 3d printing

    Chairperson thank you, you can leave
    Wishing all the best to candidates appearing in interviews this year

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