[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #45 : Air Marshal Bhonsle sir Board, Delhi Home State, Sociology Optional

Date of Interview: 25/8/2021
Board: Air Marshall Bhonsle Sir.
Education: Civil engineering, Vit Vellore.
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Delhi
Work ex: Mess Coordinator


  1.  Tell me other synonyms of Sun?
  2. Can you tell me all 12, you have already mentioned 8 names?
  3. Why sun is called Aditya?
  4. Who is the father of Sun?
  5. Recent judgment on creamy layer, why not only economic criteria, what other criterias are there?

Member 1

  1. So much praise about Delhi Education Model , has anything really changed?
  2. Why Delhi is not state?
  3. What is the difference between Delhi and other states?
  4. Why law and order is not under state government?
  5. Delhi’s environmental pollution, nothing has really changed, apart from big big promises, why it is so?
  6. Who is responsible for Delhi’s Air pollution?

Member 2

  1. Dm of district of kashmir, suggest me innovative measures for building in Kashmir?
  2. How will you integrate cultural needs of people?
  3. How will you take care of soil in kashmir?
  4. What codal provisions you will utilise while constructing a building in kashmir?
  5. What height of building you will suggest?
  6. Why there is so much hue and cry about dams, specially in Uttrakhand?
  7. How will you measure social distance? Can you tell me details of the same?

Member 3

  1. Tell me about Vit in detail?
  2. What is so special about Golden Temple?
  3. What problems you faced as a mess coordinator?
  4. From which state Maximum number of people studied in VIT?
  5. How you accomodated needs of people from North East India?

Member 4

  1. In urban areas there is no segregation, why then social criteria?
    Counter question on this.
  2. What you as a citizen has done for Air pollution in Delhi?
  3. Who is most vulnerable from Air pollution?
  4. Why there is apathy in general masses about pollution?
  5. Which legislation was passed in Delhi because of pressure from public?


  1. Tell me what is salami slicing policy of china?
  2. What is cabbage policy of China? I am not expecting from you to know this, but just think about the vegetable and come up with something, I want you to think.
  3. What is your plan after the interview?

    Ok, your interview is over, you may leave now.

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