[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #46 : Air Marshal Bhonsle sir Board, PSIR Optional, Volleyball Hobby

Date of Interview: 25/08/21
Board: Air Marshall Bhonsle sir
Optional: PSIR
Education: ECE (IIT BHU),
Work ex at Goldman Sachs,
Hobby: Volleyball


  1. explained process, read DAF aloud, told to lift shield
  2. do you know JK Rowling, told a quote -“Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more: believing in yourself”, asked my take on it
  3. question about teamwork and collaboration- how now we are moving more towards collaboration, what do i think of it?

Member 1

  1. explain volley game to a layman person
  2. Asked about my lifestyle
  3. take on oil palm project, discussion on it

Member 2

  1. when india liberated Bangladesh, why dint we annex it?
  2. issue of contention between Bangladesh and india, whos right according to u?
  3. why we cant turn fan on with remote like ac,tv….can it be done?

Member 3

  1. why left job?
  2. how will use knowledge in administration?
  3. asked why jk Rowling novels were rejected at first? (she told me : patriarchy was reason thats why she chose the name JK then with her mother’s middle name)
  4. Diff between electronics, ECE and electrical & electronics

Member 4

(was not satisfied)

  1. what challenges does taliban face now?
  2. history of goldman(i mentioned 2008-09 crisis)
  3. why goldman made profit while others vanished ? (dint know)
  4. Goldman founders nationality?(dint know) -he said so u dont know about ur company, Interview over

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