[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #47 : R.N Choubey sir Board, Delhi Home State, Public Administration Optional, Jogging Hobby

Board: R.N choubey sir
Hobby: jogging
Optional: pub ad
Education: Btech(mechanical)
Home State: Delhi
Work ex: content developer in a coaching institute


  1. This is not a police cross-examination, we would like to have a friendly chat with you.
  2. Tell me about your work?, what you do in that.?
  3. Are you happy with it?
  4. Do you think in your case point that formal education is not necessary when it comes gaining education?

Member 1

  1. our neighbor is building a port in south, how it concerns india.? What is name of port?
  2. Do you think india has failed to keep it neighbors in good terms vis a vis china?
  3. What changes would you like to suggest if you are in chair to set india’s foreign policy?
  4. Air india privatisation! Is it good?

Member 2 

  1. why women status is better in northeast compared to north India?
  2. What is role of alumni in guiding students?
  3. Tell me 3 essential qualities of a leader?

Member 3

  1. what do u know about oil bonds?
  2. Cryptocurrency?
  3. Tell me 3 things of indian administration you are proud of and 3 thing you
  4. want to fix immediately!
  5. What do u understand by karmyogi?
  6. What is in kautilya arthashashtra which is there in indian administration?

Member 4

  1. there is viewpoint of raising age of retirement of govt employees , present argument in favor and against ! (long debate on this)
  2. How to fix corruption in administration
  3. Use of ICT in governance

Chairman : so my friend we have asked things from our side, now do you
want us to ask anything which we have missed?
Thank you, you can go now.

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