[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #48 : RN. Choubey sir Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Mathematics Optional, reading, chess, meditation Hobbies

Date of Interview: 25-80-2021
Board: RN. Choubey sir
Background: Btech electronics,
Optional: Mathematics
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Hobby: reading,chess, meditation


  1. Told me to relax.
  2. Briefly introduce about ur education and job
  3. What work did u do?
  4. Issues in power sector – cross questions
  5. Should india engage with Taliban?
  6. Tell me ur 2 weaknesses

Member 1

  1. Why did u leave ur job? -(not satisfied with an) cross questions
  2. what is vedic maths? Where it can be used? Would you want ur children to learn them? Isn’t it against normal maths?
  3. on afgan issue, why date of 31aug?
  4. (he hinted about peace deal) terms of peace deal

Member 2

  1. Why is place of birth and address different?
  2. which neighborhood country has good relations with india ? (Told Bhutan) why?
  3. Yuval Noah Harari? Why he is so famous?
  4. 1 quest on Asset monetization pipeline- can’t recall- based on centre-state role

Member 3

  1. where did covid come from?
  2. why so much interest in conspiracy?
  3. what’s ur view?
  4. what r zoonotic diseases?name few.
  5. global happiness index? Parameters?
  6. is it good or bad?

Member 4

  1. Took thread from weaknesses told earlier.
  2. How are u improving on them?
  3. Tell me more areas where u r weak.
  4. Tell me more.
  5. (Discussion went to team player and team leader)
  6. Are u good team player? (Yes)but we need leaders. Are u one? -yes-yes. To both

Chairman sir- would you like us to ask about any topic or are u comfortable?
Thank you, sir.
Ok, ur interview is over. It was nice talking to u.all the best for Life.
Thank you, sir.
Overall experience-
questions were not exactly like these. I paraphrased them.
no questions from State, graduation, district, optional.
I couldn’t answer satisfactorily to M4, so he was little disappointed.couldn’t notice other members reaction.

They are such nice people to talk to. They respect u as much as we respect them. It was good and learning experience. Ty.all the best to all.


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