[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #49 : RN Choubey sir Board, Uttarakhand Home State, Sociology Optional, football, sketching Hobbies

Date of Interview: 24 August, 21
Board: RN Choubey sir
Background: Computer Science Engg.
Home State: Uttarakhand
Optional: Sociology
Hobby: played football at a decent level, beatbox music, and sketching manga art.


  1. I entered with good morning to all. CM said good afternoon. Tried to comfort me 1st, told me to remove my mask.
  2. introduce yourself wrt educational and work experience.
  3. if you have to choose between one – mahatma Gandhi and bhagat Singh, who it would be? – said Gandhi. (was not expecting this question right after he comforted me). He counter questioned 2-3 times then.
  4. then what’s wrong in bhagat Singh’s approach. (To my reply)
  5. why masses are needed to be included in a movement, why violence against British was not right?
  6. then why is bhagat Singh is still an icon among us? (To my reply)

Member 1

  1. (perpetually dissatisfied)
  2. democratic decentralisation is a success or failure in india?
  3. what’s the problem in centre directly giving funds to the PRI?
  4. why state government resist this direct funding?
  5. What’s the difference between centre directly funding or routing it via states?
  6. (Between this conversation, chairman sir 1st stood up, went behind his chair, and started stretching. When the conversation ended with M1, I noticed that chairman sir was near the window directly behind his chair. He was looking outside. Like watching the greenery and cloud stuff).

Member 2

  1. (poker-faced throughout)
  2. Despite being from Army school throughout your life, You did your 12th as private candidate. I don’t understand why?
  3. you’re from army background? (I said yes)
  4. you never appeared for any army recruitment -NDA or CDS? (Said no sir).
  5. so you were not impressed by your father at home and his work and laughed. (A little bit uncomfortable here. justified it).
  6. so you’re interested in IR. Why India needs Afghanistan?
  7. what do you mean by the war not going any side? (Elaborated that USA was locked in Afghanistan).
  8. but I don’t think domestic pressure to withdraw was there? ( He asked this with highly dissatisfied face in response to my earlier statement)?
  9. why USA has pulled out. Tell me a strategic reason?
  10. why Russia is so keen this time to engage w Taliban?

Member 3

  1. (very low voice)
  2. Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth. who said this? Ttold him politely, to repeat the quote. He repeated.
  3. India has projects in all 34 provinces, still evacuated all. Isn’t this a completely irresponsible approach by India?
  4. but Taliban said you can continue all projects, we will not harm. (Replied it’s a fundamentalist force, whose statements cannot be taken on face value). M3 looks at the face of chairman (who is still standing near window) and M2, puzzled, like I have said sun rises from the west. Felt nervous. Elaborated my statement. Still poker face.
  5. you’re from Uttarakhand, can Uttarakhand ever replace j&k?
    chairman sir asked to elaborate- M3 said in context of tourism.
  6. what steps you’ll take to make sure it replaces j&k?
  7. During this conversation, M2 stood up & left the room. Came back when M3 ended. Chairman sir still at window, very calmly looking the greenery outside.

Member 4 (lady, smiling)

  1. recently Gujrat HC did something that is unparalleled in this history. What was that? (Just when I was about to say about anti-conversion law, told me it’s Covid related. Thought for 5 sec and told her mam, I don’t know).
  2. she said it was live streaming of proceedings about Covid. Do you support it, live streaming?
  3. Is there anything legal/constitutional provision that stops courts from live streaming?
  4. but don’t you think live streaming in some cases can be beneficial?
  5. chairman interrupted and asked me do you know difference between livestream and open courts?
  6. (again chairman), then social pressure would be there in both? Why not Livestream.

Member 4 again

  1. do you know about cop26?
  2. what is the crux of recent IPCC report?
  3. what is cop full form?
  4. who is the present president of cop? Hint- It’s an Indian origin person.
  5. tell me one moment in you’re life where you felt very proud of yourself.
    To my reply, Chairman sir asked to repeat one word that I said. After this, he said excellent and we compliment you for that.

Chairman sir- now tell me a sad moment, where you’re not happy with what you did.
Okay, your interview is over. Best of luck for the plans. felt that interview went too short, only for 10-15. But it was around 30 mins or something.

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