[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #51 : Smita Nagaraj madam Board

Board: Smita Nagaraj madam


1. you are already in service is it transferable or post only in commissioner office?(asst dir fcsca)
2. tell us about startups (comp sci Engg staying Bangalore), why not more startups in manufacturing sector? Are you interested in startup? What qualities are needed for it?
3. what you want to achieve in 30-35 years down the line in service?
4 .which is the most innovative initiative according to you in administration in recent past.

Member 1

1. how startups are different from big companies.
2. what are the challenges faced by them, challenges faced by women startup.
3. you owned a cricket team in a cricket league,tell us about it what was the process?

Member 2

1. why IPL more famous in india? Is it a business or csr?how much they invest ,what is their share in it?
2. IT and film industry doing well with less government intervention,why government intervention is more in market and other fields? Why regulation is needed?

Member 3

1. name a famous cottage industry in Belgam.(sir thought I studied in Belgam but madam explained him that her college is affiliated to university in Belgam)
2. news related to women empowerment in yesterday’s newspaper.
3. Challenges faced by women in army.

Member 4

1. listening to bhajans is ur hobby,why people are ethically and morally charged in temples and tend to forget those values as soon as they step out?
2. tell 2 values which help in balancing ups and downs in life.
3. there is more political intervention in administration,what will you do if minister disagree with you?

You told about price regulation, what is your opinion on government which is planning to regulate idli price?
Can these food canteens be restricted only to bpl people rather than keeping it open ended?

She gave smile and showed my passport sized photo and asked is this you? Then I asked madam’s permission to remove mask and showed my face, said thank you and left the room.

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