[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #54 : RN Choubey Sir Board, Punjab Home State, PSIR, Optional

Board: RN Chaubey Sir
Optional: PSIR
Graduation: BTECH -CS
Work exp – 1 yr as dev
Home State: Punjab


Explained the process. Asked to remove the mask and feel comfortable.

  1. Asked my nicknames and what shall they call me
  2. Tell us about edu and job background
  3. Contribution of K.P.S Gill in eliminating militancy ( didn’t rem his contri , sir explained and asked was his approach justified at that time )

Mmeber 2

  1. why wearing color blue ?
  2. Is reducing MSP the way to diversify the crops as rice and sugarcane are depleting the water resources
  3. Asked about some short form related to Olympics ( didn’t know )
  4.  Quoted a Mark Twain quote and asked whom did he address it to ( didn’t know )
  5. why UK has population similar to UP but GDP that of Karnataka ( talked about manufacturing , industrialisation and colonies )
  6. Contri of agri in UK GDP ( didn’t know , sir said <1%. )
  7. If you are give full authority what 3 steps would you take as an administrator to solve the Farmer protest ( I ans on lines of deliberation and dialogue )

Member 2

  1. why so much highlight to first women CJI ( I talked about women are equally capable , so it should be seen normal it is just a matter of seniority)
  2. then why so much highlight , we already had women PM , FM ( stated the less rep of women in higher govt bodies and the society feels proud that women are being empowered + the excitement of ‘first’ always remains in every field.
  3. Media trials – does govt have any power to stop them ( said the govt can but didn’t rem any legislation + talked about the
  4. why not use a restrictive approach, or will you also state the articles or FoSE etc .
    ( appears she wanted me to agree that media should be curtailed but i talked about persuasive app and code of ethics )
  5. Again asked then how will you stop it ?
  6. what is Patiala ( home town )famous for ? ( mentioned patiala peg as a point )
  7. do you know why it was in news recently ( didn’t remember ) – wanted to tell but chairman sir passed over to next

Member 3

  1. Turning point in punjab History – 1947 partition- agree ? (I agreed but stated bifurcation and Grev as other sig. as well )
  2. Asked a question about Jinnah’s health and gave me hints to help me guess – but was not able to ans
  3. do you think religion also played a role in bifurcation of Punjab ?
  4. Has religion led to militancy in punjab ?
    wanted to ask more – chairman sir shifted to other

Member 4

  1. Do you think Kartarpur corridor a good decision ( I gave 2 +ve , 2 -ve )
  2. If you as an administrator is given power will you allow it or not ( I said i will allow with proper security measures keeping in mind sikh sentiments )
  3. why youth of punjab going to Canada , Australia ?

Chairman :
⁃ It was really good interaction , we are done . If you have something to share you can tell us .( I mentioned my exp as mentor in college )
⁃ Sir appreciated and said the interview is over , you may leave .Exp – overall a very cordial board , were smiling throughout , were not in grilling mood . Gave time to think .
⁃ no ques on work , edu , PSIR , hobbies Didn’t feel I was being judged. good luck

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