[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #56 : Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Mechanical engineering Background, IPS Service

Board: Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Background: Mechanical engineering
Service: IPS


  1. Why not IFS?
  2. Very few people from your state wish to join civil services. Why you want to join?
  3. Why police reforms are required?
  4. Suggest some important police reforms.
  5. You police people always blame everything wrong that is happening in police on politicians. Is it right to entirely blame them?

Member 1

  1. Many encounters happening in Assam and UP after new governments were elected in both states. Your take on encounters.
  2. There’s a view that Prakash Singh guidelines create external accountability mechanism for the police department, which should not be there as is the case with administration side. What’s your take on this view.
  3. What are the existing accountability mechanisms available within the police department?

Member 2

  1. Should there be NIA like National level body for cybercrime investigation? And if yes, would states allow such a body to come up?
  2. Suppose you are made the Director of IIT Bombay, what changes would you like to bring?
  3. Wouldn’t you focus on Startup promotion as Director, IITB?

Member 3

  1. First, you did Mechanical engineering, then IPS and now you want to go for IAS. How do you describe your journey and don’t you think you’re jumping to entirely different territories each time?
  2. CCI recently imposed fine on one of the companies. Do you know its name?
  3. What do you understand by ‘unfair business practices?
  4. Have you gone through recent Code ( gave some long name which I didn’t know ) released by ILO?

Member 4

  1. What steps will you take as a Municipal Commissioner of a city to handle floods?
  2. During your tenure, suppose a flood occurred due to encroachment and obstruction to water flow. You come to know that nexus of government officials with builders before your tenure was the reason for encroachment. Will you take responsibility or shift blame to previous Municipal commissioner?
  3. Trial court convicts a person. High court later acquits him, but till that time person languishes in jail for 10-15 years. Who should be held accountable in such cases?

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