[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #57 : Sujata Mehta Board, Chhattisgarh Home State, Geography Optional, Freewriting Hobby

Board: Sujata Mehta Madam
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Optional: Geography
Home State: Chhattisgarh
Hobby: Freewriting


  1. Showed my photograph and verified it.
  2. Tell us about yourself including your education and work experience, if any.
  3. Which year did you graduate?
  4. Did your college offer campus placement?
  5. Which company offered you placement?
  6. Government is promoting entrepreneurship. Don’t you think they serve the society? Why only civil services?
  7. If government hired civil servants for just 4-5 years, would that still appeal you? Would you still pursue it?
  8. Did you get vaccinated? Your parents?
  9. How was it done? Online registration through COWIN app or walk-in?
  10.  Are you satisfied with the design of platform? What changes would you recommend?
  11. Elderly population especially are not well versed with digital technology. How can we make
  12. Digital accessibility is a concern. If you were to design a program for vaccination from the start, would you stick with online platform only?

Member 1

  1. In the Indian context, tell me what is hard power, soft power and smart power?
  2. Naxal issue in Chhattisgarh. Identify the reasons for its persistence in the region.
  3. How to deal with it?
    (Forgetting some questions here)

Member 2

  1. Powerlifting (achievement). How powerlifters prepare themselves before a competition?
  2. Can you name some famous powerlifters?
  3. You did graduation from NIT Durgapur. It is part of a coal belt. What are the problems of such a region?
  4. What has government done to address these?
  5. What would you suggest to end the pilferage of coal?

(Forgetting some questions here)

Member 3

  1. First the states were organised under State Reorganisation Act. Later on, development became the agenda. Do you think it is the right criteria for creating smaller states?
  2. C.G is a mineral-dependent state. But major share of revenues go to Central Government. Don’t you think it is unfair to State governments?
  3. Should we amend the major and minor mineral list?
  4. What steps government has taken to address problems in mining sector?
  5. Follow-up question on mining sector.
  6. COWIN app. Can you edit your name in the app?

Member 4

  1. Chhattisgarh-Odisha Mahanadi dispute. What is it about?
  2. If you are made the Commissioner, how will you resolve it?
  3. Importance of Mahanadi river for CG?
  4. How many dams on Mahanadi river?
  5. You were talking about Naxals. If you are made CM how would you eliminate it?
  6. Skill development initiatives of Chhattisgarh government? (I mistakenly heard it as “steel development” and started answering before the other member corrected me)
  7. Do you know about Lok Sabha list which talks about dealing with LWE?
  8. Has any state successfully managed to eliminate Naxalism?
  9. Can you really eliminate Naxalism? Eliminating and minimising are different. What would be your approach to deal with it in say, 5 years?
  10. You were talking about minerals. How has CG government done so far in this sector
  11. A question on earlier question- Smart Power of India.


  1. What is freewriting (hobby)?
  2. So is it similar to diary writing?
  3. You do it for yourself?
  4. Is there anything that we missed and you want to discuss?
    Thank you.

{P.S- Questions here are mostly paraphrased. Answers mostly depend upon the tone of the interviewer, as it helps in gauging the demand of the question. Often you will have to modify your prepared answers because of the actual scenario that I’m talking about.}

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