[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #58 : Sujata Mehta Board, Punjab Home State, Punjabi Literature Optional, Reading Punjabi novels Hobby

Date of Interview: 26 August
Board: Sujata Mehta Madam
Education: B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, MBA
Optional: Punjabi Literature
Home State: Punjab
Hobby: Reading Punjabi novels
Work Experience: PSU 5 years


Read the DAF aloud. Last portion of DAF she read was about my work experience

  1. Explain your role in the organization?
  2. Give examples of new initiatives you took?
  3. What cost reduction did that initiative result in?
  4. Suppose you want to design a scheme, how would you ensure that it reaches its intended beneficiaries?

Member 1

  1. You have graduation in Mechanical engineering, but still chose Punjabi literature, reason behind that?
  2. Is Punjabi literature more scoring?
  3. Name two male and two female poets of Punjabi?
  4. Among these whose name would you suggest me to read and why?
  5. As fiction what do you see 30 years ahead? (My answer here included Industry 4.0)

Member 2

  1. Who coined the term Industry 4.0?
  2. When was it coined?
  3. What effect does Taliban’s rise have on Punjab?
  4. Who are factors that led to dropping in militancy in Punjab?
  5. PM’s speech about Hydrogen based fuels on 15 th August. Is making hydrogen cheap?
  6. What technology do we have today? Is it viable?

Member 3

  1. What is the political situation in Punjab nowadays?
  2. Which party do you see winning in next elections?
  3. What are the three farm laws?
  4. Why prominently farmers from Punjab are protesting?
  5. Recently a Sahitya Akademy winner from Punjab returned his prize in protest against the farm laws. Who was it?

Member 4

  1. Punjab was doing extremely well 20 years before, but not now. What can be the reason behind that?
  2. Issues being faced by youth of Punjab?
  3. The resolution for these issues?
  4. Suppose you are made (some post related to agriculture), how would you ensure welfare of farmers?
  5. Post 370, would the situation be normalised in Kashmir?
  6. What steps can be taken toward greater integration?
  7. Any skill you acquired recently?

Chairman: Thanks. You may leave now.

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