[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #59 : Smita Nagraj madam Board, Delhi Home State, PSIR Optional, cricket, watching web series Hobby

Date of interview: 18/08/2021
Board: Smita Nagraj madam
Background: B.Tech. ECE, M.A. Political Science, NET- JRF qualified, NCC NSS
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Delhi
Hobby: cricket, watching web series.


  1. What are you doing now a days?
  2. long statement- crux of the statement- compare the time of your parents with the present time.
  3. If society has become more liberal then why we are witnessing crimes such as mob lynching.
  4. what would you do if someone sends you hate/ fake messages?
  5. with how many people you have done that?
  6. have they stooped sending those messages to you?

Member 1 ( in grilling mode)

  1. Why M.A. after B.Tech.
  2. you have done M.A. so that it can help you in your optional?
  3. Tell me your experience in NCC.
    It’s up’s and down’s.
  4. long statement–crux
    DMRC has decided to pass a metro line from ridge area and asked my views on it.
  5. can we trust DMRC?
    (As I had mentioned that as per DMRC this is an only viable route)
  6. He himself said i am not getting the rational behind this route and then he again asked me do you support it?

Member 2

  1. Tell three industrial towns if one go from Delhi to Meerut.
    ( My M.A. is from Meerut)
  2. 2) Tell three towns between Delhi and Meerut.
  3. 3) Why Ghaziabad is famous?
  4. 4) Gave me two terms related to PSIR that i have hearded for the 1st time and asked me to explain them.
  5. 5) Options available for retail investors for investment.
  6. 6) Types of mutual funds.
  7. 7) if you have to invest your money where will you invest- equity, bonds or hybrid.
  8. 8) why stock market is booming when economy is not performing well.

Member 3

  1. You have JRF or NET-JRF.
  2. Why you are not going for research.
  3. How will you do it next year if you get selected this year.
  4. Tell me two current political scientist from india.
  5. She herself gave me one name that i was hearing for the first time and asked me about him.
  6. where you can see the impacts of globalisation.
  7. Is globalisation is westernisation?
  8. why globalisation is known as double edged sword?
  9. Tell few more negatives of globalisation.

Member 4

  1. What you feel for a person you love?
  2. love is related to heart or mind?
  3. It is said that love is blind. What are your views?
  4. 2 years ago surrogacy bill was passed. Tell the impacts of the bill on women.
  5. Tell few negative impacts.
  6. Tell the two negatives of surrogacy before this bill.


your interview is over. You may leave.
I again wished everyone before leaving.
Overall observation-
Board was supportive and cordial.

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