[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #62 : Air Marshal A. S. Bhonsle Board, Kerala Home State, Malayalam literature Optional

Date of Interview: 27.08.2021
Board: Air marshal Bhonsle Sir
Home State: Kerala
Optional: Malayalam literature
Job experience: auditor


  1. What did you lose by opting private study for graduation
  2. Work from home and online education. Do we lose quality family time
  3. Can we use digital education as the sole element of education

Member 1 

  1. The tradition that a tribe gives offering to the royal family during onam. Elaborate
  2. Which literature is your favourite malayalam or English
  3. Trio of Malayalam literature
  4. Contribution of vallathol narayana menon
  5. If you are posted as the district collector of ernakulam, what will you do to address covid
  6. Dissenting verdict by a judge in the sabarimala verdict. Who gave that verdict and what was the reason for that. Has it become more acceptable part of the verdict

Member 2

  1. Why do we need transaction audit
  2. why so many nurses from Kerala
  3. Kerala state has beverage shops. Can liquor sales be given to private entities?
  4. Is it ethical for govt to earn from the sale of liquor

Member 3

  1. Kerala is not producing good athletes like P T Usha now
  2. Can we use the treasure in temples for the welfare of people? Can we make law for that
  3. Constitutional provision regarding management of religious affairs

Member 4

  1. Are you the internal auditor to Kerala govt
  2. Technical terms related to transaction audit
  3. Why Keralites are not working in Kerala and go abroad

You might have come with expected questions and prepared in some areas. Tell me such areas and I will ask from that.
Replied that I came with an open mind, not expecting questions from any specific area and considering this as a chance to interact with some of the great minds of India who have far greater knowledge than me. So you can ask from anywhere sir.
Your interview is over. Thank you

Chairman was very cordial. Others were also very encouraging (except the 4th member). Overall good experience.

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