[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #70 : Sathyavathy Board, Chemical Engineering, Reading Science Fiction, Writing Hobbies

Date of Interview: 25.08.2021
Board: Sathyavathy
Background: Chemical Engineering at NIT Tiruchirappalli, Group B employee at ICMR, Editor of College Magazine
Hobbies: Reading Science Fiction, Writing, and Listening to Podcasts.


  1. What is your role at your current office?
  2. Why working there after studying at a good college like NIT?
  3. What is ICMR doing currently? What role is your institute playing in it?
  4. (Made a small technical error with a word here, ma’am asked about it. Apologized and clarified the term. Seemed satisfied)
  5. What does the result of the serosurvey indicate? Is it being doing nationally or just locally?
    So, what must be done now?
  6. Are you playing a role in genome sequencing?

Member 1

  1. Tell about your final year project. Asked me to clarify certain aspects.
  2. So, what is the impact of SO2 emissions generally?
  3. Can you tell me about Doha agreement between USA and Taliban?
  4. Are the Taliban following the terms agreed upon?

Member 2

  1. So you like Science Fiction Writing? Do you write other kinds of fiction too?
  2. Do you like watching Science Fiction Movies as well?
  3. Who is your favourite author?
  4. What do you like about his stories? (I had mentioned Asimov) Any key concepts you liked?
  5. Will humanity be able to reach the level of Science Fiction?
  6. Tell me 2 moves of China in Indian Ocean Region and 2 Counter efforts by India.
  7. One more question that I cannot recall.

Member 3

  1. (Seemed unimpressed by any answer I gave)
  2. Do you believe India is a blessing for the world? (This is from economic survey, but I talked about culture and history – the answer was the India is the pharmacy of the world)
  3. Asked about Medical Technologies – I started to answer about medical tourism, but he interrupted and said to talk about medical technologies. I apologized and he accepted.
  4. He mentioned that pharma industries are polluting. What can be done about them. Short discussion where I mentioned some points. He said ‘we are already doing those things’. I said politely that more can be done, sir.
  5. Then he said that in ITIs, there are few courses on chemical industry. What can be done about it.

Member 4

  1. As a neutral observer, how would you say India has handled the COVID pandemic?
  2. Do you know about OFB, what can you tell me about it.
    Is it a good move by government to corporatize them?
  3. Tell me about demographic dividend and demographic disaster.
  4. Where is India at present?
  5. So, why is there unemployment in India?
  6. I felt it was a good experience. One member was constantly making notes while others were observing keenly. One member was not impressed despite all I mentioned. Chairperson was very cordial. Good luck, everyone else. Do not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

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