[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #72 : R.N. Choubey Sir Board, Maharashtra Home State, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 24 Aug 2021
Board: R.N.Choubey Sir
Background: Production Sandwich Engineering
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Maharashtra
Work Ex: Mentoring, Auditor


  1. Welcomed me. Asked to remove face mask if have RTPCR negative.
  2. We are good people. This is not police interrogation keep smiling just like you are now. If you don’t get a voice ask to repeat. If you don’t know say don’t know. we know that everything cant be remembered. If you are not clear say im not clear. Where are you staying? Have you done breakfast?Shall I arrange some snacks for you? Etc . (made me comfort).
  3. Tell me your academic and work experience.
  4. I will give a statement and tell me your opinion
  5. GST is compromise on fiscal fedaralism.
  6. What if MH govts right to decide taxing is depend on Bihar Govt? Is it against your right to vote?
  7. Should we Recognise Taliban? If not then how will
    India convey its interest?

Member 1

  1. (Not ready to convince easily)
  2. What is Production sandwich Engineering?
  3. I think Engineers should not be allowed in civil services. They are needed more in industries and other economic activity at present.
  4. Do you think its wastage of Governments Money?
    Partially if not completely.
  5. I will give proposal tell me your opinion.
    I think youth should not be given SDM and DM post. They do not have experience and some are arrogant. I feel that rather a person with age 50 should be given that post and continue that person till his/her wish to serve. Your views on my proposal.

Member 2

  1. Why china came in Ladakh ?why chinas agression ?
  2. In which country judges don’t get retired?
  3. In India today there is news that Tamilnadu CM is no 1. What he has done there?

Member 3

  1. Why MH is no 1 In GDP despite states like Gujarat and Karnataka is also trying hard to get it?
  2. What about Ambanis and Tatas role ?
  3. Which form of corruption is the worst?Legislative, Judiciary, or Executives?
  4. In Pandemic many schools are off. Children are out of school. Tell me 3 ways to revive it.

Member 4

  1. Indias constitution is longest Right?
  2. Tell me 2 things we borrowed from USSR.
  3. How many fundamental duties in Indian constitution?
  4. Are fundamental duties enforceable? Shall we make it punitive?
  5. How to promote fundamental duty?
  6. If you are DM then how will you ensure citizens’ participation?
  7. Do you think Gramsabha is failure?
  8. Your views on naming of cities, roads, rewriting history, etc. What should we do?
    (In between one member said Shakespeare’s dialogue and everyone started laughing)


  1. We have asked what we have to Do you want to say something?
    (I answered regarding Engineering, industry, and governance)
    Chairperson-We appreciates you for this. We are happy to interact with you. All the best. Your Interview is over. Thank You.

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