[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #74 : RN Choubey sir Board, Madhya Pradesh  Home State, Commerce & accountancy Optional

Board: RN Choubey sir
Optional: commerce and accountancy
Home State:  Madhya Pradesh


  1. Asked me to introduce myself with education n work experience.
  2. Also asked what was I m doing since 2018.
  3. So many experts say MSP distort price so do u agree? why MSP?
  4. Then why subsidies if they distort price?
  5. What can done to improve them?

Member 1

  1. CSR why corporates need to pay for it as they already pay taxes n etc.
  2. Why chief min relief fund not a part of CSR n prime mins fund is? Have u read the mca circular abt it.
  3. What is the impact of CSR in the present context any change?

Member 2

  1. U are saying something on MSP why farmers are demanding MSP if so many problems.
  2. How we can provide farmers better price if not MSP?
  3. What are the crops we are importing and is govt providing MSP for them? (i said oilseed n pulses we r importing n there is MSP bt no procurement by govt)? So he asked how we can reduce their import?

Member 3

  1. India Africa relationship how big is Africa when compared to India ?
  2. Importance of Africa for india (i said fuel n mineral) n are we really importing the minerals?
  3. India Srilanka relationship n their current status?
  4. Difference between liberal n illiberal democracy n discussion on it went on like m4 asked role of judiciary n media n liberal democracy.
  5. what if they are independent bt govt is authoritarian etc?

Member 4

  1. Started with post covid pandemic discussion like why developing countries legging behind in economic growth n developed ones are doing good.
  2. Position of india here what are the indicators showing signs of recovery etc?
  3. Electoral bond should be ban them what are alternatives etc
  4. Highest point in your life here after my answer everyone laughed so sigh of relief?

Chairman again u are talking black money coming into electoral bond is tat your stand?
Now tats it from our side you want something to tell?
I told them about my hobby thinking that they might ask something but nothing asked so tats it’s an interview over.
Few questions I am unable to recall.

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