[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #76 Smita Nagraj ma’am Board, PSIR Optional, Computer science

Board: Smita Nagraj ma’m
Background: BE Computer science + MBA
Optional: PSIR


  1. You have just worked for 5 weeks in Kuwait. Why only this much?
  2. clarified her on it being an internship for MBA program. And also that it was for 2 months.
  3. Did you get a PPO? What have you been doing since then?
  4. What would have been your role in case you have joined it?
  5. Why do you want to join Civil services then? Your job was quite good in terms of pay and work profile.
  6. How do you think is India managed? ( was not quite clear about was this question mean) -> then I replied mam there are areas India is doing good and there are areas we need to do good.
  7. 2 areas where we are doing good and 2 where we need to improve.
  8. Question on functioning of panchayti raj in the village?
  9. Who needs to make sure infrastructure of panchayat bhawan is of good quality?

Member 1

  1. So many changes in direct taxes like faceless assessment but IRS (IT) are no happy? Reasons.
  2. Followed by 4-5 question
  3. Can’t remember a few after that *

Member 2

  1. TELL US about VIHAAN (FMS social service cell)
  2. About mentorship program
  3. Funding mechanism?
  4. 300 volunteers were providing information on covid via a website but they plan to not go further? Heard about it?
  5. Who can take up this after this?
  6. Barring IITs and PAYTM who can do this?

Member 3

  1. When did you make your driving license?
  2. Tell me the process you went with?
  3. No corruption? Strange isn’t it?
  4. Did you go for driving school?
  5. Why people face corruption there?
  6. What innovative can you do for corruption free driving license system as an IAS?

Member 4

  1. You have lived in 6-7 cities. Tell us about your learnings.
  2. How can this learning help during your time as a civil servant?
  3. You didn’t choose computer science and MBA and despite having no background in PSIR. why did you choose that?
  4. DELHI UNIVERSITY has seen cut off in excess of 98% for graduation in pol science? Reasons?
  5. Why people are attracted towards PSIR?

What is the career option available to them?

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