[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #78 : TCA Anant Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Psychology Optional, Reading Self Help Books, Jogging Hobbies

Board: TCA Anant Sir
Edu Background: B.Tech-Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Anna University
Optional: Psychology
Home State: Tamil Nadu
Hobbies: Reading Self Help Books, Jogging


  1. Dinesh, so you are from Chennai and you did your graduation from Anna University, What is this ACT Campus in Anna University, where is it located?
  2. What is different between the 3 campuses in Anna University ( CEG, ACT, SAP )?
  3. So your hobby is reading Self-Help books. What kind of books do you read?
  4. Why Existential books? What are the last 2 books you read?
  5. Tell me about Man’s Search for Meaning.

Member 1

  1. You were part of NSS in your college? What exactly did you do there?
  2. Do you feel that having a program where students are asked to participate in social and community works a year after college is good? What is your opinion?
  3. Can we have such programs on all Saturdays in college, where students can participate in community works?
  4. Government for the last 7-8 years has struggled to give a fillip to Biofuels. What do you think is the reason?
  5. How are we progressing in the Biofuel and Alternative fuel front?

Member 2

  1. One of your hobbies is jogging. Have you ever participated in any marathons?
  2. Last few years, the frequency of floods in Chennai has increased. What do you think is the reason behind this?
  3. Is the Government of Tamil Nadu doing something to combat this problem?


  1. Recently there was an announcement by the Prime Minister on Independence day to increase the production of Hydrogen based fuels. Why do you think he made that a priority to make that announcement?
  2. What are Grey, Blue, and Green Hydrogen?
  3. What is the difference between Freebies and Welfare Schemes?

Member 3

  1. Do you think Good Governance is enough for the ruling parties to do well in subsequent elections?
  2. What is your opinion on the freebies given by the government, especially in Tamil Nadu?
  3. Do you think that voting behaviour has changed in Tamil Nadu?

Member 4

  1. Your Edu Background is intriguing me, let me ask you questions on Petroleum Engineering.
  2. What do you feel is lacking in the Indian Petroleum/ Crude oil sector that the capacity of it is hardly meeting 15 percent of domestic requirement?
  3. What measures do you suggest to improve the Safety of workers in refineries?
  4. How do you handle the problems of wastages from oil refineries?
  5. What 2 core skills do you think are needed for the ground level workers in the refineries?

    Chairman: Thanks. Your interview is over. Have a Good Day.

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