[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #81 : Manoj Soni Board, Bihar Home State, Geography Optional

Interview Date: 25th August
Board: Manoj Soni
Home State: Bihar
Optional: Geography
Work ex: Oracle and currently in Indian Information Service


  1. 30 sec ..Introduce urself with your unique traits
  2. Mumbai encounter(26/11) you are a cop and Kasab is firing in front of you ..what will you do
  3. What is infodemics
  4. Laws for infodemics

Member 1

  1. Graphy?
  2. Why monsoon prediction is challenging and how can we improve the monsoon modelling
  3. Impact of climate change on agriculture

Member 2

  1. Suggest ways to revive the economy of Bihar
  2. Tell one most important govt scheme in Bihar
  3. If you have to devise a subsidy scheme ..how will you do it
  4. what is difference between efficiency and effectiveness ?

Mmber 3

  1. Live streaming during 26/11 . Do we need to restrict media ? How will you do it
    Is there the need of coaching institutes?
  2. What is corruption ?
  3. What is the procedure to arrest a cabinet minister?

Member 4

  1. Where do you want to see you after 10 yrs
  2. What is role of IT in govt ..tell me 3 imp fields
    Which one will you choose?
  3. As a software engineer, what do you think about the e-filing portal glitches
  4. You said you stay calm in tough situation ..tell me an incident from your life)

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